Chef Ranveer Brar Created His ‘Archies’ Character Using AI & Netizens Are Busy Guessing Which One He Is

Presenting Chef Ranveer Brar as a character from 'Archies'! Can you guess which of them he looks like?

by Shreya Rathod
Chef Ranveer Brar Created His ‘Archies’ Character Using AI & Netizens Are Busy Guessing Which One He Is

Archie Comics is a classic American comic featuring college-going characters like Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones and more. Many of us have grown up reading it and have been in love with the series. Recently, we were gifted with the Indian version of the comics in the form of a film, ‘The Archies’. And since then, people haven’t been able to stop themselves from watching the iconic characters come to life! And that includes Chef Ranveer Brar, who, recently, imagined himself as an Archies character and created AI-powered pics!

Chef Ranveer Brar Created Himself As An ‘Archies’ Character


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Chef Ranveer Brar is known for his exceptional cooking skills and for owning restaurant chains across the country and the world. Apart from this, the chef has a knack for trying out new things. His recent Instagram post has left most people in awe! While toying with the AI, he imagined himself as a character from ‘Archies’, created a few pics and posted them on Instagram.

In his post, he stated that the words ‘what if’ can be wonderful and only limited by your imagination. Further, he describes that he was playing with AI tools and having fun while imagining himself in a different universe. And here is what he looks like as a character from Archies! He also asks people to comment and tell him which of them they liked. Which of the characters he looked like? And should he make more such AI-powered pics and create a series?

Now, this is not the first post of AI-created pics we have noticed. The power of imagination is amazing and with the help of AI, we can create anything using it. You can imagine yourself as anything—from a character in your favourite show to being a supernatural creature!

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Netizens Are Busy Guessing The Character

ranveer brar AI pics archies
Credits: Ranveer Brar/ Instagram

After Netizens saw the post, they jumped to the comments section and shared their opinion. A user commented that he liked the second pic the most! In fact, many people loved the second one. And for most, the chef looked super cute in these pics.

A user wrote that this is what your son looks like when he joins your league. Another one commented that the first picture looks like Archie himself but the third one is ‘wow!’

One of the users stated that the last pic looks like ‘Marco Pierre White’. According to a person, he is the most handsome chef in India today!

A user also commented that she couldn’t imagine Ranveer Brar without a beard and that she almost skipped a beat.

Others were so thrilled by his looks, that they commented that the chef is giving an inferiority complex to ‘Archies’ characters.

For one user, the chef looked somewhat like Leonardo Di Caprio— probably even more handsome!

A user commented that the last pic was giving ‘George Clooney’ vibes!

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Well, we certainly loved this new look of Chef Ranveer Brar. Comment below and tell us what you think about these pics and which character you think the chef looks like.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ranveer Brar/ Instagram

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