Chef Sarah Todd is In Love With Mumbai Street-Style Bhutta; Shares the Corn Recipe Online!

Sarah Todd
by Shreya Ghosh

Are you a fan of street food? Who isn’t right? It is certainly hard to find a foodie who does not love to enjoy some chatpata food from roadside stalls. Sometimes we just skip these street vendors when we stay on a diet or follow a healthy routine. Well, to your surprise, not all the roadside options are loaded with oil and spices. Did you forget about corn spiced up with some lemon and salt? Roasted corn is a simple yet super delicious snack to munch on and the best part is that you can even make it in your home kitchen, following this recipe by Sarah Todd.

Chef Sarah Todd Shared A Recipe To Prepare Roasted Spicy Corn!

The Chef is enjoying the perfect touristy time in Mumbai. From enjoying sandwiches at the iconic Jay Sandwich to gorging on masala bhutta, she is having the ultimate gastronomical street food experience in the City of Dreams. Inspired by the yummy roasted bhutta on the streets of Mumbai, she also cooked a similar recipe and shared the video with her fans and followers on social media. Here’s the video uploaded by Sarah Todd.


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Along with the recipe video, she also penned down some beautiful lines for this heavenly delish roadside snack. Foodies will absolutely fall in love with the caption of her reel.

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Here’s How You Can Make Street Style Spicy & Tangy Charred Corn At Home:

Sarah Todd

Picture credit- Canva

  • Sarah begins the preparation by grilling corn cobs on a grill or bbq.
  • To grill the cobs well, roast the cobs well at medium-high heat for about 12 minutes. Make sure to rotate each side after a few minutes.
  • To make the snack spicy, she takes some bird’s eye chilli on a plate. She cuts a lemon in half and adds the sauce to half a lemon.
  • Then she inserts a fork into the lemon smeared with sauce and rubs it well on grilled corn.
  • Make sure to coat the mixture well and evenly.

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Following just these simple tips shared by Sarah Todd, you can make the most delicious roasted corn at your home! So when are you giving this recipe a try? If you follow this video and make this snack, do let us know how you liked it!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Sarah Todd, Canva