Chef Vikas Khanna Announces Opening Of Bungalow New York; Doors To Open On March 23

Bungalow New York is getting ready in full swing to open on March 23, 2024.

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Vikas Khanna Announces Opening Of Bungalow New York; Doors To Open On March 23

People of New York, we have great news for you! If you are going to be in this bustling city in less than 2 months, get ready to enjoy a gastronomical experience at the latest restaurant by Chef Vikas Khanna. He recently made the grand announcement of launching Bungalow New York and shared a heartfelt story behind the opening date of this glorious establishment.

Chef Vikas Khanna Shared About Bungalow New York’s Opening


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The doors to the Bungalow New York are all set to welcome guests on March 23, 2024, and there is a significant reason behind announcing the opening on this day. Chef Vikas Khanna shared the news of introducing the brand-new restaurant in NYC 50 days ago the splendid launch.

In this announcement video, he shared how the opening date has a special connection with her sister and her birthday. March 23 is not only the opening date of the Bungalow but also marks the Chef’s beloved sister Radhika’s 50th birthday.

50 days from the day of announcement is March 23 and it would have been Radhika’s 50th birthday celebrations. To remember and celebrate this auspicious day, the Chef and everyone associated with the restaurant are opening this new restaurant. The concept of the Bungalow is by Chef Vikas Khanna and Bombay House Hospitality.

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The Restaurant In East Village Is A Tribute To His Sister!

Chef Vikas Khanna
Picture credit- Instagram/ Vikas Khanna (@vikaskhannagroup)

Bungalow New York celebrates Chef Vika Khanna’s sister’s life and legacy beautifully. The opening also celebrates and honours millions of home kitchens running in different parts of India. Bungalow New York also celebrates the famous street vendors of India and their iconic recipes passed on from generation to generation and cook book writers who are food custodians of the country.

Most importantly, it honours our mothers who have nurtured our souls forever for generations. Bungalow’s opening is a beautiful celebration of chefs, home cooks, street food vendors, and every person associated with this beautiful world of cooking and serving guests.

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We cannot wait to see more glimpses of NYC’s Bungalow! Are you excited to visit the place?

Where: Bungalow New York in East Village, New York

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Vikas Khanna (@vikaskhannagroup)

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