Chef Vikas Khanna Begins ‘Bharat Ka Asli Swaad’; A Culinary Quest To Find Unadulterated Food

Chef Vikas Khanna starts an innovative quest to discover Bharat Ka Asli Swaad in different places.

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Vikas Khanna Begins ‘Bharat Ka Asli Swaad’; A Culinary Quest To Find Unadulterated Food

We often hear our parents and grandparents complaining about vegetables and ingredients losing their original taste and flavours. Well, we need to agree on how shops and markets are getting filled with mixed and adulterated food items, unfortunately. After getting frustrated with all these, Chef Vikas Khanna began on a unique culinary quest to find Bharat Ka Asli Swaad.

Vikas Khanna Embarked On A Journey To Look For Bharat Ka Asli Swaad

Taking to Instagram, Vikas Khanna (@vikaskhannagroup) shared some glimpses of his innovative quest for finding the desiring swaad. He also asked the Netizens to drop the answers for places to find Bharat Ka Asli Swaad.


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The world-renowned chef always makes sure to do something new, unique, and surely innovative to take Indian cuisine on a global level. But this time, he has some differnt plans where he wants to be in his own country and travel to places in search of Bharat Ka Asli Swaad (the real taste of India). On his passionate culinary quest, he is set to discover the lost authentic taste of our favourite delicacies and flavours that define the heart of India.

Taking to his Instagram post, he announced this beginning and shared how he wants to come back to India to the food that is nostalgic and pure. “It’s time that we go back to our roots and actually find #BharatKaAsliSwaad”, added the Chef. He also shared how his go-to dish BIJI ki Daal does not taste the same anymore even after doing all the steps perfectly.

He is all set in his mission to find authentic, natural, and organic culinary gems. Seeing the video announcing Bharat Ka Asli Swaad, it looks like the Chef is indeed very irritated with all these food ingredients and that slowly fading away taste and flavours. He is committed to looking for and preserving the authenticity of Indian flavours.

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Let’s Get To Know A Bit More About This One-Of-A-Kind Culinary Exploration

Vikas Khanna
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This quest is more than just a simple journey to discover the authentic and original taste of the country. It also represents the Chef’s commitment to boosting organic and sustainable gastronomy using good-quality ingredients. Also, it is a fresh and creative step to research in pursuit of looking for pure taste.

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We cannot wait to see more snippets and glimpses of this interesting culinary experience. Are you also excited about the chef’s quest to find the Bharat Ka Asli Swaad?

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