Chef Vikas Khanna Has Found True MasterChef In Pondicherry Streets Making Kickass Filter Coffee

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Vikas Khanna Has Found True MasterChef In Pondicherry Streets Making Kickass Filter Coffee

Do you love watching MasterChef? The worldwide famous cooking show is a favourite of millions of viewers. The competition, inventions of new dishes, exciting cooking techniques, and more come together to make the show such a blockbuster. Thousands of competitors audition to get selected here. But there are many people around us who have great cooking skills but haven’t reached the MasterChef doors. Chef Vikas Khanna shared a video of someone like this.

Chef Vikas Khanna Found The True MasterChef Of India

The video of this vendor making filter coffee was originally shared by the food blogger Tharun on his Instagram @foodieadddict. The skills of the man making the delish coffee drink are simply amazing.


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Chef has found one of the true MasterChefs of the country in this video. Shared by him on Instagram, this video is about a man making lip-smacking filter coffee in a shop and his presentation to make the beverage is outstanding. First, he arranges a total of 10 dabara sets in the shape of a triangle and pours a spoonful of sugar into each. Then he adds coffee, milk, pours and mixes, adds a little bit of milk and coffee at the top once again, and serves it hot.

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In the caption of the video, the chef also shared some information about the location of the shop. The video has been shot at Sri Sai Ram Coffee Bar in Pondicherry.

Netizens Are Impressed Too Just Like The Chef!

Vikas Khanna
Picture credit- Vikas Khanna Instagram @vikaskhannagroup) (originally shared by @foodieadddict)

Not just Vikas Khanna, many Instagrammers are also finding the vendor’s tricks and ways to make filter coffee amazing. The signature style of preparing the drink in steel dabara sets and pouring the liquid from a height attracts everyone’s attention. Shared on Thursday morning, now we want to sip on some of this mouth-watering filter coffee to kickstart our day. An Instagrammer commented, “Send this man to India’s basketball team please”. A comment read, “Experience❤️ beats all”.

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Are you a fan of filter coffee or do you prefer your latte and espresso? Also, the next time you are in Pondicherry, make sure to sip on some of this drink at this shop.

Where: Sri Sai Ram Coffee Bar, Pondicherry, MG Street

Price: ₹25/-

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Vikas Khanna (@vikaskhannagroup) (originally shared by @foodieadddict)