Chennai’s MTC Leads The Way In Safety, Buses Get Automatic Doors To Protect Student Commuters

An initiative for safer travels and hassle-free ticketing.

by Mallika Khurana
Chennai’s MTC Leads The Way In Safety, Buses Get Automatic Doors To Protect Student Commuters

In preparation for the imminent reopening of schools and colleges, the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) in Chennai has embarked on a significant endeavour. This initiative will enhance the safety of student commuters. Recognising the risks associated with students travelling on footboards, especially during peak hours, the MTC has initiated a campaign to install older buses with automatic doors.

Chennai’s MTC Installs Automatic Doors On Buses

With a keen focus on ensuring the safety of students travelling on vital routes like 23C and 29, MTC has identified 468 older buses for this retrofitting project. These routes connect major educational institutions such as Presidency and Nandanam colleges. As of now, a commendable 448 buses have already been equipped with automatic doors. The remaining installations are also set to be completed within the upcoming week.

The decision to implement automatic doors comes after previous attempts to discourage students from travelling on footboards. Previously, conductor interventions to convince them proved to be challenging and sometimes even confrontational. According to the Times of India, Alby John, the managing director of MTC, highlighted the practical difficulties faced by conductors in enforcing these rules consistently. He also pointed out the potential safety hazards that students faced.

Upon the completion of this retrofitting initiative, nearly two-thirds of MTC’s fleet will be equipped with automatic doors. It will certainly improve passenger safety substantially. However, approximately 900 older buses slated for replacement have been excluded from this upgrade, as per the Times of India reports.

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Introducing Electronic Ticketing For Commuters

MTC has also begun outfitting 1,200 buses with under-runs to mitigate the risk of road users getting trapped under the wheels in case of accidents. It will further enhance overall safety measures.

Furthermore, MTC has taken a step towards modernising its ticketing system with the implementation of Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs). In a recent announcement, MTC informed commuters about the full deployment of ETMs across all its depots. These machines were inaugurated on February 28, 2024. They offer commuters multiple payment options, including UPI, card, and cash transactions. They will certainly enhance the convenience and efficiency of ticketing processes.

MTC is prioritising passenger safety and the overall commuting experience for the residents of Chennai.

Cover Image Courtesy: MTC Chennai/X