China Is Putting White Sheet On Dagu Glacier. But Why?

by Shreya Ghosh
China Is Putting White Sheet On Dagu Glacier. But Why?

We grew up reading about global warming and its consequences and we are now experiencing all its major impacts in the past some years. Climate change and the shifts in natural happenings make it so evident how the temperature is rising all around us. All of us need to be equally attentive to save the planet and start doing so ASAP. Chinese scientists have taken some steps to save the Dagu Glacier.

Scientists Choose Sheets To Save The Planet

Dagu Glacier
Picture credit- Jiajiajianjian Twitter @jiajiajianjian

Earth is heating up and things have slowly begun getting out of our hands. One of the biggest examples is the melting of glaciers in different corners of the world. In the last decade, we have heard about such incidents a lot of times and the primary reason behind this is global warming. A team of scientists underwent a trek to reach close to the Dagu glacier’s peak in June, according to a report by NDTV. Following a difficult trekking journey, they reached their destination nestled at a high altitude of about 3 miles from sea level. Their aim was to cover a part of the mountain to prevent the snow from melting. To do so, they used white sheets over an area of over 4,300 square feet.

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Here’s Why:

The researchers chose this film white sheet to put on the Dagu glacier because of its reflective quality. It is made in such a way that the ice coverings will reflect the sun rays falling on it. The bounce back of heated sun rays will save the ice from getting melted at the current pace.

Dagu Glacier Is Melting Fast!

Dagu Glacier
Picture credit- 郭蘭 Twitter @rn2kKC4Y7SseB5z

It has been a few decades since the glacier in China is melting. The situation has worsened so much that 70 per cent of the ice has melted in the past decades. The step to cover a portion of the glacier with reflective white sheets is just a step to weaken the heat of the sun and slow the process of snow melting. Actions like these are only a temporary solution and do not come with permanent relief.

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If we do not change our lifestyle and take steps to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, the situation will turn down more and more.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons