China To Lift Travel Ban On Hubei Province, Including Wuhan, On April 8

by Kanika Sharma
China To Lift Travel Ban On Hubei Province, Including Wuhan, On April 8

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Curly Tales encourages you to stay indoors. 

Chinese health officials recently announced that people will soon be able to travel in and out of the Hubei province from April 8 onwards. This would include Wuhan as well, which was the epicentre of the global pandemic COVID – 19. While this might be of ease to some, but could also be a cause of concern. Here’s why.

Picture Credit: Time

What Is Happening?

Wuhan, the first city in China to report the Coronavirus case comes under the Hubei province. The health officials, recently announced that they will soon allow transportation to and fro within the province.

Picture Credit: Wired

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This move comes almost three months after the novel coronavirus was discovered, that affected more than 80,000 Chinese people and killed over 3,200. According to reports, ‘the mass quarantine of residents has also ended. Furthermore, no new cases have been reported too. Emergency camps were also dismantled and extra doctors on call were also sent back

The World Continues To Set Up Restrictions

We don’t know whether this news should put us at ease or make us feel concerned. This has come at a time, when the entire world has stepped the restrictions. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, also recently announced a 21-day complete lockdown in the country to fight the pandemic.

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It has been reported that ‘the novel coronavirus has affected more than 3.5 lakh people globally which includes China as well.’ Across the world, the number continues to rise and so do the number of deaths. ‘More than 1.5 billion people across the globe have been asked to stay home.’ 

We still urge people not to travel. While Hubei province lifting the travel ban might certainly seem like some kind of respite, the rest of the world is still recovering. We should refrain until this pandemic comes to an end.