Chocolate Salami Is The Latest Food Trend On Social Media And Now Is The Time To Try It! Here’s How To Make It

by Mallika Khurana
Chocolate Salami Is The Latest Food Trend On Social Media And Now Is The Time To Try It! Here’s How To Make It

Chocolate is the only thing that makes everyone around the world happy. Now imagine what a fancy version of it would do. Chocolate Salami has been all over social media and has left most of us drooling.

Have you been wanting to try it? We have you covered with the perfect recipe to make it in your own kitchen. It is an unusual yet simple chocolate dessert to prepare at home that won’t let you stop at just one slice. Get ready to devour every bite of this chocolatey deliciousness with your friends and family all week long.

How Do You Make Chocolate Salami At Home?

Chocolate Salami
Photo Credits: Canva

This sweet dessert roll has taken inspiration from Italian and Portuguese cuisines. It is pretty easy to imagine what a salami roll would look like. You also might think it can’t be as easy to make as we’re claiming it to be. But trust us when we say that once you attempt to make this, you won’t be able to stop. This salami is so much better than all the other salamis because instead of any meat, it has chocolate as its base and is a delicious addition to hot beverages. It also works well as a topping for an ice cream sundae and is a complete dessert in itself. 

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The majority of the ingredients for this dessert are simple, pantry staples. Its outward appearance is where the word “salami” originates. It is thinly sliced and then served as tiny discs after being rolled up tightly, just like meat salami. The colour of the chocolate log is a deep chocolatey brown, and it has biscuits or nut specks that resemble the white specks found in regular salami. 

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Making Chocolate Salami From Scratch

Biscuits (Marie Biscuits Or Digestive Biscuits): 400 gms

Icing sugar: 1 cup

Cocoa powder: 6 tablespoons

Melted butter: 200 gms

Melted chocolate (Optional): 100 gms

Egg whites: 2 eggs

Cold milk: A splash if needed


1. To make coarse crumbs, either blend the biscuits or crush them by hand. 

2. Put them into a bowl. 

3. Stir together after adding the cocoa powder and sugar.

4. Add the chocolate and the melted butter. 

5. Add the whipped egg whites to the batter. 

6. Use your hands to combine, and bring it to a dough-like consistency. 

7. If the batter seems dry, add a dash of cold milk. 

8. Cut 2 parchment paper pieces, each about 18″ long. 

9. The chocolate mixture should be divided between them, and then shaped into rough logs .

10. The mixture should be tightly rolled up into a log. 

11. Make a toffee-like knot out of the paper’s ends. 

12. Put them to freeze for two to three hours and let them set.

13. Slice the log and enjoy!

Try it out over the weekend and indulge in this sweet log with your fellow chocoholics!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva