Come 2023, Las Vegas To Have A New Attraction. Famed Museum Of Illusions Is Making Its Way!

Museum Of Illusions
by Vinita Jain

The Museum of Illusions started as a unique project. Also, it has quickly grown into one of the fastest-growing educational and entertainment projects in over 30 cities. In fact, now it is expanding all across the world. Yes, by the start of spring 2023, the Museum of Illusions is opening in Las Vegas.

The Construction Process Has Already Begun

Museum Of Illusions

Picture Credit: Museum Of Illusions Website

The construction of a 15,274-square-foot museum has already begun in the Las Vegas strip. It is located at the high-end 63 retail complexes at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard. Las Vegas is known as the “Entertainment capital in the world”, and now this museum will boost tourism to the next level.

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It is a world that will not only totally confuse you but also educate you about mind-boggling illusions.

Las Vegas To Open Its Doors For Largest Museum Of Illusions

Museum Of Illusions

Picture Credit: Museum Of Illusions Website

According to a press release, this will be the museum chain’s largest location to date, designed for visitors of all ages and featuring “mind-stimulating illusions, 3D holograms, mind-bending exhibits, and interactive illusions.”

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With 37 locations, the company is making “rapid progress” toward its goal of having 100 museums worldwide by the end of 2026.

In addition to this new museum coming to Las Vegas, the brand will have a number of US locations opening from now through the first quarter of 2023. Including Charlotte, North Carolina. Scottsdale, Arizona. Washington DC. Atlanta, Georgia. Austin, Texas.

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So, are you excited to visit the Museum of Illusions?

Cover image courtesy: Museum Of Illusions Website