Market Places And Bus Stops In Delhi To Have Free Wi-Fi By Year End

One of the best things that Delhiites like to do, while on the go, is make the most of their internet package. Be it watching movies, catching up on favourite series or just streaming music, they are constantly connected. And now, the Delhi government will be helping them in doing just that. To make sure that we no longer face connectivity issues, the Public Works Department (PWD) is all-set to install free Wi-Fi in Delhi at 11,000 locations by December 2019.

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These locations will cover approximately 4,000 bus stops and 7,000 markets or assembly constituencies.

How to access it?

The Delhi government is offering 15 GB data per month to every citizen at these hotspots. All you have to do to access free wi-fi in Delhi is to sign up through your phone and make sure that you make only one account.

Also, 150-200 people can access this wi-fi set up at a time. You have to be within a radius of 50-60 metres of one of these public hotspots and the name of the connection will automatically pop up on the network list of your phone.

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The groundwork has already started and the attempt to make free wi-fi accessible to its peeps, internet services should start in next 3-4 months.

The Delhi government has also begun installing CCTV cameras across the city, as promised in its election campaign of 2015. Till date, around 11,000 CCTV cameras have been set up in different locations in Delhi and the rest of the 1.4 lakh cameras are expected to be installed by the end of this year.

Tonakshi Kalra
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