Company Reinvents Lunch Break, Calls It Power Hour; Tweeple Turns It Into A Trollfest

by Tooba Shaikh
Company Reinvents Lunch Break, Calls It Power Hour; Tweeple Turns It Into A Trollfest

LinkedIn as a platform is great for finding great career opportunities but far too many companies repackage their toxic work environment and present it as “fast-paced” or “productivity-driven.” Many companies are even upfront about the lack of work-life balance at the job for no extra compensation. This kind of behaviour is not well-received on social media websites like X, formerly Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Recently, a company got a lot of flak for posting about their lunch break which was rebranded as ‘power hour.’

Company Rebrands Lunch Break As Power Hours

A company posted about an organisational update they recently made. The post was initially published on the professional networking platform LinkedIn but screenshots of it have now circulated to other parts of the Internet as well.

The post is from an employee of a UK-based company called Just Eat, which is an online food delivery platform. This particular employee states that their company has launched what they’re terming ‘Power Hours.’ It is an hour during the day when employees are free to do what they like.

The post says they are free to go on walks, have lunch with family, or do whatever they might feel like doing, “guilt-free.” If the concept seems similar, it’s because others call this time ‘lunch break.’ And it’s an employee’s essential right.

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Tweeple React To The Post

When an inquisitive person inquired if the power hour was in addition to the lunch break, they did not receive an adequately clear response. It was clear to Netizens that the company had essentially rebranded lunch breaks and was touting it as progressive instead of acknowledging that the lack of such breaks makes for an unhealthy work environment.

An X user posted a screenshot of the post and it sparked a hilarious trollfest. Many people parodied similar posts that are frequently seen on the platform.

Many posts even took a shot at the platform itself!

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Do you think the post is indicative of a toxic work environment? Let us know in the comments below!

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