Cool Boss Takes All Her Employees On An All-Paid 10-Day Trip To Bali

Bali trip
by Suchismita Pal

Project deadlines, extended work hours and unrealistic client demands are a few things we all had to deal with at some point or the other. After overcoming these challenges, did you get a reward at your company? If not, we sympathise. If yes, was it a promotion or a junket? To thank its employees, the boss of a Sydney-based company named Soup Agency took all her employees on a fully paid ten-day trip to Bali. As per reports, the company decided on the trip to build a strong connection among the team members. 

The Company Shared The Bali Trip Video On Instagram

Are you still struggling to get your ten-day vacation approved by your boss? You should probably move to Sydney then and join Soup Agency ASAP. As here the company itself took its employees on a long international holiday. A video of the trip has been uploaded on the Instagram page of the company. The video shows the employees getting drenched under a waterfall, indulging in quad biking, going on mountain hikes, chilling by the pool and even cooking together.


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Netizens Eager To Join The Company Already!

In the comments section of the video, netizens have already started enquiring about the available positions in the company. One user wrote, “Is there any vacancy for sales & marketing??”Another commented, “Please Hire me.” Yet another wrote, “You guys are lucky.. whatt aa bosss.” Earlier,  Chatri Sityodtong, the founder and chairman of Evolve Mixed Martial Arts had taken his employees on an all-paid luxury trip to the Maldives.

Perfect bosses do exist!!!