Copenhagen’s To Get New Floating Park Made Up Of Nine Man-Made Islands

by Gizel Menezes
Copenhagen’s To Get New Floating Park Made Up Of Nine Man-Made Islands

Known for its innovation and creativity, Denmark is planning to change the way we spend our time in outdoor parks. In the country’s capital, Copenhagen, architects and designers have come up with a unique design to reinvent the city’s unused spaces – a floating park filled with tiny man-made islands.

Image courtesy: Travel and Leisure

A Floating Park With Man-Made Islands

A joint project between Danish studio Fokstrot and Australia’s Marshall Blecher, the park will consist of a “parkipelago” of floating islands located around the forgotten corners of the city’s harbor. Mobile, floating, and free for public use, the Copenhagen Islands will not only revitalize the unused parts of the city but also introduce a green space for the benefit of local residents as well as flora and fauna.

Locals will be able to relax, swim and even fish on the floating islands, which will be accessible through kayaks and personal boats, which are a common means of transportation in the city.

The islands are highly adaptable to the public’s needs. They can be scattered for use during the summer by adventure enthusiasts or they can be clubbed together during winters for festivities, creating a massive supercontinent, which can be easily accessed from land.

The first man-made prototype of the Copenhagen islands, known as CPH-Ø1, has already been launched in 2018 with great success. With a total of 20-meter square, the island has a timber platform adorned with a linden tree at the center, giving physical stability to the island.

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Image Courtesy: HiConsumption

The Islands Will Be Built Using Sustainable Materials

All islands, including the one already built, will be constructed from recycled and sustainable materials, following traditional Danish boat-building techniques.

The project, in its own way, also aims to support and increase awareness of the local marine life, improving the harbor environment.

While only two islands are currently planned for 2021, there are plans for at least nine in total. The amenities will include swim zones, a floating sauna, a sail-in cafe, and a grass-covered garden that will serve as a place for rest not just for the people of Copenhagen but also for the local bird population.

For more information, you can visit the Copenhagen Islands website.

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