Covid 19: 7 Year Old German Girl Finally Reunited With Her Family In Abu Dhabi

by Angel Merchant
Covid 19: 7 Year Old German Girl Finally Reunited With Her Family In Abu Dhabi

Godiva Gaertke, a 7 year old German girl is now reunited with her family in Abu Dhabi. Godiva was stuck in her native country Germany, due to the border closure caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. A special Emirates flight flew her back from Frankfurt on Monday night.

Godiva Gaertke, a 7 year old resident of Abu Dhabi, flew to her native country Germany, to visit her grandparents. Her parents sent her off to spend the holiday with family, and she was scheduled to return by 22 March. However, with the rise of the deadly pandemic Covid 19, borders were shut, and Godiva was stuck in Germany, unable to return home. Nonetheless, due to the capital’s relentless efforts, Godiva has been reunited with her family safe and sound. Godiva’s mother is awestruck by the county’s unyielding efforts to bring her child back home. She and her husband had moved to Abu Dhabi in 2018.

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When the borders had shut down, Godiva’s mother was in constant touch with the UAE authorities, and the German embassy. They managed to help by gearing up a plane from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi, solely for Godiva’s safe return. Peter fishcer, the German ambassador to the the Emirates, thanked the UAE authorities for their tremendous efforts.

Almost 29,000 residents of the United Arab Emirates holding valid visas, are stranded due to travel restrictions. The country is constantly working with other countries worldwide, to try and help better the current situation called on, by the novel pandemic, the Coronavirus.

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What Else?

Meanwhile, the Dubai Health Authorities are now offering free drive thru Covid 19 testing for all residents. This facility is located at Al Nasr Club, and is open daily from 8 AM to 6 PM for both nationals and expatriates. The service can offer up to 250 Coronavirus test per day. This initiative comes in order to support the country’s medical and healthcare workers. It is also to ensure the health and safety of residents.

If you’d like to be tested, you can book an appointment for the test by calling the Dubai Health Authority at 800DHA. The test is not painful or harmful in any way, and takes a total of 5 minutes to be completed. Once you call to book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation via text message. Individuals will need to present the confirmation text message, along with a valid Emirates ID card when you get to the drive thru.

After necessary precautions are taken, a quick nasal swab is take from the person while he is in his vehicle. You can view your results within 48 hours of taking the test. Download the DHA app, go to the section named, ‘Lab results’, and then click ‘patient services’. However, it is important to keep in mind, before being able to get to the drive the to take the test, a move permit must be taken and approved of by the authorities.