Covid 19: Germ Killing Smart Gates Set Up At Abu Dhabi Bus Stations

by Angel Merchant
Covid 19: Germ Killing Smart Gates Set Up At Abu Dhabi Bus Stations

Abu Dhabi is stepping up precautions in light of the deadly Coronavirus. In line with a massive sterilization drive, the Emirate has also introduced smart gates at bus stations, that will disinfect people as they walk by. Similar systems will soon be in installed across all bus stations in the capital.

This hi tech sanitisation system will help keep these enclosed spaces safe from the deadly spread of Covid 19. The disinfectant system will be regularly sterilised from 6 AM to 8 AM everyday. A similar system has been installed in ambulances in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to help paramedics and emergency cases.

Self Sanitation Walk In Dubai

Meanwhile, Dubai is doing its bit to safe guard the residents. The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services introduced a new Self Sanitation Walk in ambulances and clinics. The service is launched in order to help paramedics fight off all kinds of infections. The sanitisation system scans clothing, gloves and masks for any germs, thereby protecting the front-liners who are directly exposed to Covid 19 patients. This, in turn helps health workers preform their duties with a high level of safety and efficiency.

Credits: gulfnews

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What Else?

The UAE launches the largest testing lab for covid 19, after China. The lab is situated in Al Masdar, in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. The facility was built and made functional in just 14 days. This new lab will help speed up the process of testing for the Coronavirus.

The country is currently prioritising tests done by residents and citizens of the UAE, but will soon be reaching out to other countries. The laboratory also has a plethora of cutting edge technology which can be used to detect Covid 19 in a safe and efficient manner.

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