Creator Mocks Cabin Crew For Speaking In English; Netizens Slam Saying, “This Is Utter Nonsense”

Netizens are not at all amused seeing the passenger speak condescendingly to the cabin crew.

by Shreya Ghosh
Creator Mocks Cabin Crew For Speaking In English; Netizens Slam Saying, “This Is Utter Nonsense”

Travelling on a flight is mostly a pleasant experience. We get to enjoy the comfort and find solutions to our issues on journeys easily because of the cabin crew staff. Each of them works relentlessly hard to provide us with the best experiences and make our travel smoother. It is our responsibility to behave properly with the flight attendants and let them have a good journey as well. Unfortunately, not everyone behaves the most appropriately. A video of a creator mocking cabin crew for speaking English is going viral on the Internet.

Woman Mocked Cabin Crew In A Viral Reel

Taking to Instagram, Shivani (@shivani__kumari321) shared a snippet of her air travel experience where she can be seen commenting about air hostesses.


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A post shared by Shivani (@shivani__kumari321)

Flights have the option of providing food to passengers but not everyone chooses that option. While many bring their own food from home or outside, some prefer to not eat inside the flight on a journey of a couple of hours. This video shows a content creator having some food inside an IndiGo flight. She took a bowl and prepared a sharbat-like drink using sattu. It can be seen how she used her fingers to mix the ingredients added to the bowl and then drank it straight from it.

Seeing the video, it can be understood that one of the cabin crew was a bit surprised to see a passenger preparing something inside a flight. She asked the content creator out of curiosity “What”. The passenger responded unusually and this angered the crew staff a bit. Following this small episode and the flight attendant speaking in English, the content creator mocked her in this Instagram reel. “Gussa hoke chale gayi,” (she got angry and went away) she further added.

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Netizens Are Clearly Very Angry!

Creator Mocks Cabin Crew
Picture credit- Instagram/ Shivani (@shivani__kumari321)

Shared a few days back on Instagram, the reel has garnered more than 10.8 million views, 318K likes, and thousands of reactions. A humongous part of the comment section is against the content creator for behaving in such a way. Netizens are quite furious seeing the reel and are slamming her in the comments.

A comment read, “God bless those who have to deal with people like her on a daily basis.” Someone wrote, “This is why education is important.” Another Netizen called it “What nonsense.” Someone commneted, “Paisa kitna bhi aa jaye par class kabhi nhi aayega.” An Instagrammer asked, “How the heck she has 3M followers.”

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What are your views on this viral video?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Shivani (@shivani__kumari321)

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