Cricketers Follow Strict Diets To Meet IPL Demands & Here’s How They Do It!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

IPL 2022 is over as Gujarat Titans won in their very first season against Rajasthan Royals. We are so inspired by the players who put in all their hard work for their on the ground. But there are many others who keep sweating and work relentlessly off the field in the kitchen to make sure that the players are full of energy to give their best. 

Not Only The Team But Everyone 

The caterers are given areas of charge and then the catering team coordinates with the BCCI to create a customised menu for the IPL teams. The teams give their feedback or changes if any when the menu is shared with them just a day before the match. After this, depending upon the final list, ingredients are sourced and the cooking begins. The caterers do not only have to satiate the IPL team’s taste buds but also the owners and families of the teams have to be taken care of.


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Be As Organised As Possible

Anurag Katriar, founder of Indigo Hospitality, the team that catered to all the IPL teams at DY Patil shared his experience saying one has to be as organised as possible when you have to cater to 10 teams and their families. The basic cutting and chopping would begin a day earlier and about 60-70 per cent of cooking was done in their kitchen in Andheri. It is then refrigerated and transported early the other day. 


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No Ghee, No Butter And No Desserts

The players’ meals do not include any amount of ghee and butter. Desserts would also be excluded from their meals. There were two meals for the players, one was a pre-match meal and the other course of the match meal. Their pre-match menu included pasta and grilled chicken, paneer and vegetables. The next meal included salads and a variety of Indian and Western cuisines. But their families would have proper heavy desi food with desserts. 


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