How To Make Restaurant-Style Chicken Momos At Home!

by Sanmita A
How To Make Restaurant-Style Chicken Momos At Home!

Chicken Momos are a staple food from Tibet, which has now become prominent in almost all parts of India. You will find them among people’s favourites irrespective of their location. People prefer to eat them in various ways, either the vegetarian or the non-vegetarian version with Chicken. Off late, people have also come up with different kinds of ways to prepare momos. For instance, pan-fried momos, tandoori momos, etc.

But, here’s the old school way of preparing chicken momo at home, just as they do at restaurants: Take a look:

1. Chicken Momos By The Terrace Kitchen

They are perfect for every kind of weather. So why not give this restaurant-style chicken momo recipe at home a try and let us know!

2. Chicken Momos Recipe From Kabita’s Kitchen

Chicken Momos are a non-vegetarian’s delight. They are the best side dish and even, the perfect evening snack. Check out this easy momo recipe that gives you restaurant food feels.

3. Rose Momos Recipe By Junali’s Cookbook

This recipe helps with making the perfect momos which will be the perfect party starter. They are no less than the chicken momos you’ll find at a restaurant.

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4. Chicken Momos By Chef Ranveer Brar

This recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar is the easiest step by step way to prepare Chicken Momos and perfect it. This recipe will ensure your homemade dish turns out exactly restaurant-style!

5. Chicken Momos Recipe By Ruby Ka Kitchen

Well, this recipe will help you wrap the momos in the perfect manner. If you are planning to ace cooking momos, you can definitely rely on this recipe.


Well, momos do not have to be limited only, so here’s another recipe of momos without Chicken, for our vegetarian readers. Check it out! And Chef Brar says it’s ‘most’ easiest!

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