5 Places To Try Chicken Misal Pav In Mumbai

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Places To Try Chicken Misal Pav In Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its vada pav and misal. I mean is your existence even real if you have not ever tasted a misal pav in your life, especially if you are from Mumbai itself! I am sure every one of you must have tasted misal pav but have you ever tasted chicken misal pav? Well, it does sound a bit weird but it is something you must try at least once. Here are the 5 places in Mumbai to try Chicken misal pav. 

1. Shiv Malhari Misal, Goregaon

Shiv Malhari Misal is a food truck that actually serves amazing authentic puneri misal. The place serves the spiciest chicken misal in the town. The chicken misal here is the most authentic one and tastes delicious. The economical plate of misal serves one chicken gravy with farsan and onions and a pair of soft fresh pav that simply enhances the taste. 

Pic Credits : Zomato

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2. Gore’s Misal And Family Restaurant, Bhandup

Unlike other restaurants, Gore’s Misal and family restaurant has more than just a chicken misal to offer. The place apart from serving delicious chicken misal serves chicken misal thali and chicken misal mega thali. The chicken misal thali has 3 gravies, one sweet dish, sol kadhi and the buttermilk added to the normal plate of misal. The wholesome platter tastes yum and is a must-try. 

3. Chhaya Chicken Misal Hub, Badlapur

This place is the one that will surely satiate your chicken misal craving. The name itself says hub and that says it all. At Chhaya Chicken Misal Hub, you will be served with one bowl of sukka chicken with another bowl of gravy with farsan and onion on the side. The pav is extremely soft and the gravy tastes really spicy. 

Pic Credits : Zomato

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4. Light And Dark Restro, Navi Mumbai

Light and Dark restro in Navi Mumbai is known for its chicken misal. Here one plate of chicken misal serves you three different chicken curries, a bowl of onions and cucumber, a pair of pav (of course), a bowl of farsan and one jalebi too. The taste is simply amazing and offers a variety of 3 curries. 

5. Lokmanya Lunch Home, Thane

Lokmanya lunch home restaurant and bar has been serving food with love and simplicity ever since 1963. The place is super famous for non-vegetarian dishes. They serve a heavenly taste filled plate of chicken missal which consists of one bowl of gravy and one bowl of chicken kheema with the regular farsan and chopped onions with the pav. 

Pic Credits : daily motion

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