Croatia Is Looking For Travel Enthusiasts Who Can Look After Dolphins For A Summer

by Angel Srivastava
Croatia Is Looking For Travel Enthusiasts Who Can Look After Dolphins For A Summer

The summers are here and most people have elaborate travel plans to unwind and indulge in activities they love. If you do not belong to that group of people and are still wondering what to do this summer, then we’ve got some suggestions. How about spending a month in Croatia, exploring marine life, at an all expense paid a trip. You think we’re joking, right? Well, then just read own to know the deets and thank us later.

What Is It?

A cruise company by the name of Unforgettable Croatia is offering a scholarship for travel and nature enthusiasts who can help in conducting field research, and sail the ocean to monitor the life, population, and behavior of dolphins.

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The applicant will have to spend two weeks conducting marine research for the Blue World Institute, and then the next two weeks travelling from Istria Peninsula to Split and then partake in Island hopping all the way to Dubrovnik. While at the, you could get to see up to 50 dolphins in all their glory.

The applicant will also be officially enrolled on the Croatia Conversation and Exploration Scholarship. This is the perfect opportunity for all the nature and travel enthusiasts out there to expand their knowledge of Marine Life with lectures and other educational activities. You can also explore the towns in between, and indulge in some of the most brilliant adventure sports experience like snorkelling, and swimming on beautiful beaches.

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After two weeks of research and work, you will be treated to one of the best luxury seven-night tour from Losinj to Split. This would include 4-star accommodation and private transfers.

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What’s More?

Doesn’t everything sound absolutely dream like? Then what are you waiting for. Click here and apply before it’s too late. The last date to submit the applications are July 9th.

So, apply today and hope for a wonderful summer!