CT Quickies: From AC Chair Car Price Cut To New Flight Routes, Here Are Important Travel Updates For You!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
CT Quickies: From AC Chair Car Price Cut To New Flight Routes, Here Are Important Travel Updates For You!

All the travellers are always looking out for news that is related to travel. But with the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and hundreds of sources of news around us, finding reliable ones is very tough. But do not worry, as we at Curly Tales completely understand this and are here for you! We have compiled all the important news, specifically travel updates, for you, from the AC Chair car price cut to new flight routes.

CT Quickies: Travel News Updates For You

CT Quickies for you!

1. Indian Railways Will Soon Reduce Fares for AC Chair Cars And Executive Classes.

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On Saturday, the Indian Railways will lower the prices of executive and AC chair cars on all trains, including the Vande Bharat, by up to 25%.
This program will be available in all trains with AC sitting accommodations, including the Anubhuti and Vistadome coaches, in the AC Chair Car and Executive classes. The amount of the discount shall not exceed 25% of the base fare.
Other fees, like reservation fees, the GST, etc., will be assessed individually. The train with classes that were less than 50% occupied over the previous 30 days will be taken into account.

2. EasyJet Leaves 19 Passengers On The Runway Citing The Aircraft Was Too Heavy

19 passengers were left on the runway by the British airline EasyJet because it was allegedly “too heavy” to take off. The Manchester Evening News said that the EasyJet flight was scheduled to take off at 9:45pm on Wednesday but was unable to do so until closer to 11:30pm.
The big aircraft, the short runway, and the weather conditions, according to the pilot, were the three main restrictions. Twenty passengers were asked to volunteer and decline to take off.
Additionally, he proposed a 500-euro reward for individuals who willingly decide to remain at the airport.
However, the incentive offered and the airline’s lack of preparation did not win over the passengers.

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3. Alliance Air Announces Direct Flights Between Sri Lanka’s Jaffna International Airport And Chennai

A division of Air India, Alliance Air, is significantly enhancing connectivity between Sri Lanka and India. Alliance Air will begin daily service between Jaffna International Airport and Chennai on July 16th, becoming the first airline to do so after successfully resuming flights between Jaffna’s Palaly Airport and Chennai in December 2022.

The airline has operated more than 100 flights between the two cities, carrying more than 12,000 passengers as of the end of June. The decision by Alliance Air to raise the number of flights from weekly to daily indicates the rising demand for travel between the two locations.

4. Passengers Have To Wait For Over An Hour For Buses On The Kozhikode-Guruvayur Route

Credits: wikimedia commons

On the Kozhikode-Guruvayur route, there used to be frequent private bus service, which ran every 5–10 minutes. Only 13 private buses now run along this route, making passengers wait more than an hour to board another one if they miss one.
The cancellation of the permits for private buses traveling more than 140 kilometers, which went into effect on March 1st, is what the owners of private buses blame for the current situation. Elderly people and others traveling from remote areas to attend the Guruvayur temple would have significant inconveniences as a result of the lack of private buses.

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