CT Quickies: From New Routes To Brutal Rows, Here Are The Latest Airport & Airline Updates

latest updates
by Tooba Shaikh

The aviation industry is constantly shifting and, as such, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that takes place. Therefore, we have compiled a quick and convenient list of the most important updates regarding airports and airlines. From rows at the airport to new airline routes, here are all the most important and latest updates from the world of airlines and airports.

CT Quickies: Latest Updates From Airports And Airlines

1. Mumbai Airport Introduces New Flight Routes

latest updates

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This winter, a total of 975 flights are slated to fly out of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport or the CSMIA in Mumbai. These flights will head to a total of 115 different destinations. It will also fly to a number of new destinations and expand its network. These include Almaty in Azerbaijan. The winter session will be from October 29 to March 30, 2024.

2. Pakistan National Airline Cancels 349 Flights

latest updates

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to an article recently published by Arab News, Pakistan International Airlines has cancelled a total of 349 flights in the past two weeks alone. This drastic measure was taken because of a fuel shortage that the airline is facing. The article stated that flights were being rescheduled on a daily basis and both, international as well as domestic flight operations are being affected. The fuel shortage is a result of a dispute between the airline and Pakistan State Oil Company over payment issues. The airline is cash-strapped and is trying to manage funds.

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3. Cab Driver Manhandles Security Personnel At Bengaluru Airport

latest updates

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A security supervisor was brutalised by an unruly cab driver on October 17 following an altercation. According to an article recently published by The New Indian Express or TNIE, the FIR pegs the driver as a repeat offender. The cabs are supposed to follow a system at the airport when picking up passengers. The article says that the driver did not follow the system at the Kempegowda International Airport or the KIA and tried to jut in between to pick up the passenger. When he was stopped and questioned by the security personnel, he got physical. He even refused to produce his ID and sped off. Hence, an FIR was filed by the driver is still at large.

4. Indian And Africans To Pay Fee For Migrating To The US From El Salvador

latest updates

Image Credits: Canva Images

El Salvador is charging passengers from Africa and India a fee for migrating to the United States of America or the US. The fee will be $1,000 and including the VAT, the total cost incurred by Indian and African passport holders will be $1,130 (₹9,406). This move is being taken in order to curb the migration to the US undertaken by people of these countries. While migrating, they often travel via Central American countries. Hence, El Salvador levying a fee will, according to authorities, help curb migration.

5. Southwest Airlines Orders 108 New Aircraft


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Southwest Airlines has ordered a total of 108 new aircraft. These are the Boeing 737-7 MAX Jets. Southwest Airlines’s fleet comprises exclusively of Boeing 737s, as per an article recently published by Aerospace Manufacturing And Design. The order is valued at more than $10 Billion.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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