CTExclusive: We Caught Up With Vicky Kaushal & Reel Fam For A Sunday Brunch And It Was A Blast

by Mallika Khurana
CTExclusive: We Caught Up With Vicky Kaushal & Reel Fam For A Sunday Brunch And It Was A Blast

Vicky Kaushal is a sensational personality, a talented actor and entertainer, and a household name. With his ‘boy next door’ charm, he never fails to impress. After delivering some blockbuster performances in movies like Masaan, Raazi, and URI, he has found his spot in Bollywood. On this exciting Sunday Brunch episode, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, along with his co-stars from his upcoming movie, The Great Indian Family. From Manoj Pahwa to Manushi Chillar, the great star cast added to all the fun we had. Vicky spilled all the deets about signing Masaan, his relationship with his parents, food, and, of course, his beautiful wife, Katrina Kaif. Stay tuned for more details!

Vicky Kaushal Loves Aloo Paratha And Can Have Four In One Go 

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First things first, we wanted to know what Sunday brunch looked like at Kaushal’s household, and well, it’s all about parathas. Like every Punjabi family, the Kaushals are fond of their aloo parathas with dahi, white makhan, and achaar, followed by a big glass of lassi. Mouth-watering, isn’t it? Vicky Kaushal also revealed how the brunch spread has shifted a little since he got married. Since Katrina is really fond of pancakes, they are also on the menu.

Vicky went on to express his love for chole and piping hot puriyaan along with imli ki chutney, and it totally had us drooling. He further shared that while he can’t eat four parathas in one sitting, no one can beat Katrina when it comes to eating pancakes. Talking of the wife, we were really curious to know about the equation she shares with his parents. Punjabi parents are known for pampering their daughters-in-law and that is exactly what happens with Katrina as well. Every time his mother calls Vicky, she first asks, ‘Katrina kiddan hai, theek aa?’ Precious, no?

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This Is The Best Tip He Got From His Parents

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As soon as we presented Vicky Kaushal with the Great Indian Thali, he felt it was enough to feed an entire society and called on his reel family from The Great Indian Family, to join us in savouring the yummy dishes. From veteran actors like Kumud Mishra to new-age personalities like Srishti Dixit, it was a great pleasure to have them with us. It was a family-like scene and you can imagine how fun it was. We asked everyone to share the stories of their beginnings in the industry and got to know some amazing things about the actors we all love. 

We also wanted to know the one piece of life advice they all got from their parents. Manoj Pahwa shared that his father used to tell him many things about their battery business and one day he told him that their product would not get popular with hoardings all over the city but when one customer would tell someone about the quality of their service and the product. He held on to that advice and maintained solid relationships with everyone he worked with.

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When Vicky Kaushal was just starting his career as an actor, his parents told him something he held on to. They told him that they had no clue about acting and would be happy if he was 7/10 as an actor. However, he must try to be 10/10 as a person. Looks like they have nothing to be worried about in either department!

This episode was filled with excitement, revelations, anecdotes, and, of course, a lot of food. Stay tuned for the episode going live exclusively on the Curly Tales App!

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