Curly Tales Is Copresenting Top 50 Indian & Indian-Owned Restaurants With ELITE Magazine At Burj Khalifa This March

Burj Khalifa Elite Awards Curly Tales
by Anupriya Mishra

An Indian, who loves to travel and is a foodie by heart will know the giddiness of finding an Indian or an Indian-owned restaurant in a foreign land. It’s probably a reminder of home and warm memories, or maybe it’s the comforting food that they’ve grown up relishing, but it’s certainly a feeling of happiness. But with innumerable options around the globe, visiting each and every place on a trip becomes difficult. So, to make it easier for you, we’re here to give you details about the upcoming Top 50 Indian & Indian-Owned Restaurants Around The World presented by Curly Tales in collaboration with ELITE Magazine. The best part yet? The fifth season is happening in Dubai this year! Read on for more information about this interesting collab for ELITE Nightlife Awards 2023!

Curly Tales x ELITE Magazine

Curly Tales has collaborated with ELITE Magazine to present the most-awaited ELITE Nightlife Awards, which is scheduled to happen at Burj Khalifa, Dubai this March. Yes, together they will be awarding the prestigious 50 Top Indian Restaurant and Bars. This exciting edition comes after the success of the previous epic event, which was hosted inside the Eiffel Tower, in Paris. Doesn’t all this sound absolutely exciting? Because we truly can’t wait to see all the restaurants and bars that make it onto the list!

ELITE Nightlife Awards 2023

Elite Nightlife Award

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As mentioned above, this is undoubtedly India’s Biggest Food & Nightlife Awards, and this time it’s happening at Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. Yes, the fifth season of this insanely famous awards is slated to happen on the 17th of March, at this iconic Dubai landmark, and Curly Tales will be right there for it. Presenting the Top 50 Indian & Indian-Owned Restaurants Around The World, this exciting event will certainly help you narrow down your bucket list of all the restaurants around the world that you ought to visit, at least once. Are you ready to find out about the best of the best in the world?

So, if you too are pumped for this upcoming event, then stay tuned to this space for all the juicy deets!

Cover Image Courtesy: Internal, Pexels