Cute Hobbit Home Built By Nagaland Man Becomes State’s New Attraction

by Suchismita Pal
Cute Hobbit Home Built By Nagaland Man Becomes State’s New Attraction

A charming cottage with oval-shaped doors and windows in the heart of a jungle has become a new tourist attraction in Nagaland. Built by 29-year-old Asakho Chase, the cottage looks similar to the house of Hobbits from the novels of JRR Tolkien. Nestled near Asia’s first green village Khonoma, the 10×14 feet house was constructed in two months by Chase. However, he was just building a jungle home for himself. Now, the resemblance of the house to a Hobbit home is making it popular on the internet.

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The Hobbit Home Has A Kitchen And A Western Style Toilet Too

The cutely Hobbit home is surrounded by lush greenery and its rooftop is blanketed with foliages. In an interview with Travel+ Leisure, Chase said that he likes to watch The Lord of Rings and The Hobbit films but he did not intend to make a home similar to a hobbit hole. Chase had not imagined that what he was building solely for himself in the wilderness would become a hit among tourists.

Around five to seven people can fit in Chase’s Hobbit home. Guests can also cook in the kitchen at the cottage. Apart from this, the Hobbit home has water, electricity and a western-style toilet. All the basic needs of the guests can be fulfilled here. Khonoma Village in Nagaland,The First Green Village In India

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The Cottage Has An Adjoining Organic Farm Too

Chase used the wood of alder trees to construct the cottage with the help of his friends. Also, just at 5 minutes distance from the cottage, there is a healthcare centre too. The best part is, there is an adjoining garden to his Hobbit home that grows fresh organic vegetables. People visiting the Hobbit home can pluck vegetables from these gardens and cook delightful, nutritious meals.

Chase has already started getting bookings for the Hobbit home. The cottage will remain closed till September 12 for further construction. After that, you too can book a stay here to immerse yourself in the pastoral way of living. To book, click here.