Dahi Ke Sholey Is The Brainchild Of This Chef From INA, Delhi

by Vinita Jain
Dahi Ke Sholey Is The Brainchild Of This Chef From INA, Delhi

Fusion recipes are gaining momentum right now. From Rasgulla chai to orange Maggie to pineapple pizza, we all have witnessed some bizarre food combinations. However, experiments are very unpredictable, some food fusions are to die for. One such fusion recipe is dahi ke sholey. Who would’ve thought potato-stuffed bread rolls can be converted into curd bread rolls?

Dahi ke sholey holds an interesting history. Deepak Sharma from Delhi is behind this masterpiece. Deepak Sharma’s father, Ram Sharan Sharma, used to sell snacks like pakora bread and moong dal pakora at INA market in Delhi. This shop, which has been around for over a decade, became famous when the owner’s son, Deepak, launched a new snack called “Dahi ke Sholey”.  This 50-year-old dhaba in Delhi has taken fusion to a new level with paneer Rajma Chawal

How Was Dahi Ke Sholey Created?

Simple in taste and preparation, this dish will whet your taste buds. This version of the bread is packed with flavors of coriander, paprika, and cottage cheese. Deepak was inspired by Dahi Ke Kabab. He experimented with the filling and turned it into his own variation to invent this brand-new dish. He then convinced his father to recommend this experimental dish “Dahi ke Sholay”, and it became an instant hit.

Dahi ke sholey is paired up with green chutney and tomato sauce. Contains no raw spices.

Dahi Ke Sholey
Picture Credit: Foodie-Shoodie13 Instagram

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Deepak Believes “Enthusiasm to Learn New Things Makes People Successful.”

During Deepak’s school days, his father and mother Asha Sharma used to work as food servers at the same school (INA central school, Delhi.) where he studied. Deepak completed his Hospitality Management at KC College, Navashahr, Punjab. Deepak always wanted to pursue a career in the food industry. He has worked at many famous hotels such as Radisson Blu Hotel, Mahipalpur, and Barbeque Nations.

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Well, I can guarantee your mouth will be watering too after reading this delightful story by Dahi ke sholey. So, follow this recipe of CookingShooking to make delicious dahi ke sholey at home.

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