Dal Scam: IFS Office Shares Video Of Dal Served At Posh Restaurant. Sparks Net-Debate!

by Shreya Rathod
Dal Scam: IFS Office Shares Video Of Dal Served At Posh Restaurant. Sparks Net-Debate!

We often wish to dine at a high-end restaurant to see the beautifully plated dish appear in front of us. But what about the quantity? Or taste? In a recent video shared by the IFS officer Parveen Kaswan, the scam of posh restaurants is quite clear. Take a look at the video showing the quantity of dal served. Don’t be shocked!

Video Showing The Quantity Of Dal Served Is Shocking

An officer from the Indian Forest Services posted a video of dal served in a small bucket. No matter how cute the appearance looked, the quantity was insane and was only four to five spoons and not more than that. The video had a caption, ‘can it be called a scam’ with two exclamation marks. This tweet got a lot of sarcastic remarks. Many supported it to be a scam. Moreover, one user said that the whole Indian food industry is a scam.

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High-End Restaurant Scam

restaurant daal
Credits: Pexels

The outrageous prices of these restaurants and the quantities served do not do justice to the customers. While we enjoy food that looks beautiful and is appealing to the eyes, the quantity is sometimes not up to the mark. For many, the taste and the quality of food are more important. And they look forward to actually eating, and not nibbling on it. No matter how fancy he serving plate or dish is, people don’t pay outrageous amounts of money for a pea-size quantity of food.

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Cover Image Courtesy: IFS Parveen Kaswan/ Twitter