5 Deep Secrets 5-Star Hotels Don’t Want You To Know!

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Deep Secrets 5-Star Hotels Don’t Want You To Know!

Every business has stories and secrets to running a successful and profitable venture. And it is true for 5-star hotels as well. The experience of living in luxurious hotels is memorable and the bellboys and staffs make sure that you have a great time. They provide you with great facilities and amenities but there are too many deep secrets that they keep totally hidden and private. If you somehow get to know about the secrets, you can earn yourself a better stay at these places. Here’s all about the top 5 deep secrets that no 5-star hotels want you to know.

1. You Can Negotiate The Prices Of The Suites

With more amenities and luxury, the price increases too. Similarly, booking suites in these 5-star hotels can certainly burn a hole in your pocket. Well, you might be shocked to hear that the prices of the suites are completely negotiable. Yes, it is absolutely true and no one from the hotel industry wants others to know about it. You can totally negotiate and drag down the prices.

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2. The Staff Records Everything On A Database

You will be surprised to hear that the 5-star hotels record everything about you in a separate database. Anything you do goes directly to the database of your profile. There are some reasons behind this. The staff record all your actions and behaviour in order to provide services according to your demands. In fact, if they notice that any guests are rude and not at all cooperative, then the manager takes over those particular guests and looks after them while checking in and checking out.


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3. They Do Not Endorse All Their Facilities & Perks

As you are spending a lot of money on booking a room in 5-star hotels, you will surely expect some advantages and perks. Well, they provide many amenities to the guests but little did we know that there are so many benefits that day do not endorse by themselves. Perks such as upgrading a room for free, getting small gifts like wine and champagne, or even room decoration and chocolate for special days, are not informed to the guests beforehand. If you want to get these things without spending a single penny, then you need to make a good connection with the staff. Good behaviour and interaction with the people of the hotel will lead you to enjoy so many benefits and facilities. So, the best option is to create a good bond with the concierges, be kind to them and receive the advantages in return.

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4. Tip Well For Better Services

Tipping the staff creates a good impression of you. It is quite obvious that they will give you the best services if you pay them well. The secret is that this will spread among all the staff and everyone will make an extra effort to please you. They will provide great services and treat you the best knowing you might tip them well too.

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5. Social Status Is Very Important

You will be judged on your social status while entering 5-star hotels. Your social status will determine if you will get special attention and over-the-top services. If you fall into the hotel’s category of VIP, then get ready to enjoy over-the-top luxurious benefits.