Delhi Govt. Issues Feeder Passes For Feeding Stray Animals During Lockdown

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi Govt. Issues Feeder Passes For Feeding Stray Animals During Lockdown

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As the 21-days lockdown has bound all our activities into our homes, there are some poor lives outside who too are suffering in their own ways. We are talking about the stray animals here. The roads have been emptied of humans now and with nobody to feed them, many of these animals might simply starve to death. Considering this, the Delhi Government is now allowing people to collect feeder passes so that they can step out and feed these hungry creatures.

An Act Of Empathy

Feeding stray dogs is customary among many animals lovers in the city. During fixed hours of the day, these waging buddies eagerly wait for us to turn up with their delicious meals. But most of us were unable to go out and meet them after the nationwide shutdown was announced due to the novel coronavirus. The good news is, now you continue feeding them by picking up your pass from the district DCP office operating in your area. But remember, there are only 50 passes for each district, so you need to hurry up.

feeder passes
Picture Credits: RESQ Charitable Trust

The Government has also appealed to the animal welfare workers in the Capital to collect these feeder passes. All the animals dwelling in open, including dogs, cats, cows, pigeons and more, should be fed by the locals. They can’t rely upon the eateries either as all of them are closed now. Fodder for larger animals has also been included as part of essential items.

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Don’t Give In To The Rumours

There was a buzz recently surfacing on the social media that dogs carry coronavirus. It had even driven some dog owners to abandon their pet babies. But like many fake scoops rotating around the virus, this information too was untrue. COVID-19 germs do not affect animals. These voiceless creatures won’t give you the virus, but if not fed, will surely fall sick out of hunger. You need to maintain social distancing from other people, but not from these animals.

feeder passes
Picture Credits: Vet Helpline India

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Time to show some love amid the strenuous lockdown!