Delhi Is On A Mission To Fight Plastic Pollution; Seizes 7000 KG Of Single-Use Plastic Wastement

by Tooba Shaikh
Delhi Is On A Mission To Fight Plastic Pollution; Seizes 7000 KG Of Single-Use Plastic Wastement

The country’s national capital is on a warpath against plastic pollution. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is cracking down on the usage of Single-Use Plastic (SUP). In order to reduce the usage of SUP, the MCD is seizing any SUP items it finds. People who are found using or selling SUP items are fined and their items are seized. In its stead, the government is trying to spread the word about jute as an alternative.

Delhi Plastic Pollution: Nearly 7,000 KG Of Plastic Seized

The Delhi government is recently trying to crack down on the usage of single-use plastic. In order to prevent the usage of single-use plastic, the municipal is seizing all the SUP items it finds.

SUP items like earbuds and q-tips, balloons, plastic bags, ice cream sticks, plastic spoons and other cutlery like plates and bowls, etc. are all being seized. In the first 20 days of February alone, the MCD seized a total of 6,939 kg of SUP items. It has also issued 587 challans during this time.

According to Gyanesh Bharti, the commissioner of MCD, Delhi generates 11,000 tonnes of waste on daily basis. Most of the waste is comprised of SUP items. Since plastic takes a long time, nearly a thousand years to decompose, minimising this waste is crucial for the environment.

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Jute As A Sustainable Alternative

One of the many reasons why it is so difficult to eliminate the usage of SUP items is that there aren’t many options that are as accessible, cheap and convenient as SUP. However, in their ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste, the MCD is spreading awareness about jute alternatives.

People can use jute bags instead of plastic bags, thus reducing waste. In keeping with this endeavour, the MCD is also planning on conducting more plogging drives. In case you didn’t know, plogging is when you jog while picking up litter from the streets.

The MCD is also planning to open more Vikalp stores and distribute free cloth bags in order to reduce the use of plastic bags.

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