Delhi Man Crowned Nation’s Biggest Foodie, Placed More Than 3000 Orders This Year On Zomato

by Tooba Shaikh
Delhi Man Crowned Nation’s Biggest Foodie, Placed More Than 3000 Orders This Year On Zomato

Annual reports and reviews are the new things that almost every app has started doing recently. Uber Eats in the US released its annual report which featured some bizarre food combinations. In India, Swiggy also released an annual report which revealed interesting details. Now following Swiggy, Zomato, too, has released an annual report that lists out unique details about the orders they delivered this year. One person, now dubbed the biggest foodie, placed more than 3000 orders this year through Zomato.

Nation’s Biggest Foodie Placed More Than 3000 Orders

The annual report that Zomato released, laid out all the interesting details about what Indians ordered throughout the year 2022. It turns out that a man from Delhi has placed the most number of orders this year. Ankur, who placed 3,330 orders this year on Zomato, was dubbed ‘Nation’s biggest foodie.’ Statistically, Ankur placed nearly nine food orders every day to reach this number and is now Zomato’s top customer.

Impressive indeed! Zomato also revealed how much Indians saved throughout the year by using the discount codes that Zomato offers. One person from Mumbai saved close to 2.5 lakhs and is the top saver of this year. Reports also revealed that over 1 million people ordered from Zomato during the T20 cricket between India and Pakistan in October. Another person named Shweta placed around 12 orders in a single day, just for ice creams, and we stan this ice cream fan!

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Biryani Is The Most Ordered Dish This Year

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Credits: Wikimedia Commons

In a turn of events that surprises absolutely no one, Biryani topped the list of the most-ordered dish on Zomato this year. Yeh toh hona hi tha! We Indians sure do love our biryani! The second most-ordered dish on Zomato this year, again, to no one’s surprise, is pizza. Statistics reveal that close 140 pizzas were delivered each minute through Zomato. That’s more than 7 crore pizzas! Dieting starts next year, pakka!

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What are some of your favourite dishes to order?

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