Food On Wheels! Trains Will Bring You Your Order At This Unique Restaurant In Surat

by Shreya Rathod
Food On Wheels! Trains Will Bring You Your Order At This Unique Restaurant In Surat

Hey, aren’t trains at the train station? And don’t people use it for transport? Well, apparently, at this unique restaurant in Surat trains deliver food. You read it right. The Trainian Express Restaurant has stepped into the market with a new way to serve orders to its customers. Here is what this whole quirky concept is and how this can be a new addition to the service industry.

Trainian Express Restaurant In Surat

restaurant in surat
Credits: Trainian Express Restaurant/Instagram

While Surat is known for its food, this new restaurant has a unique way to serve it. They have opted for miniature trains instead of servers. Now how can this happen? There is a railway track that attaches every dining table in the room. Further, each dining area has a station name. That makes it easy for the trains to deliver food at the respective station.

Also, this multi-cuisine restaurant has interiors inspired by railway stations. Though it is not the first train restaurant in India, it certainly is the first in Surat. The customers who have visited this place swear by their food. So, now we know that their menu is worth a try. The restaurant serves an elaborate menu with a variety of dishes. They have a weekend brunch menu that you can definitely try.

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New Way To Serve Delicious Dishes In Contactless Manner

Many people are apprehensive to visit restaurants or any eatery in general. This can turn out to be a new way of serving customers without making any contact with them. Similar to this, Tasty Train Restaurant in Hyderabad also serves its food on a miniature train. Even they have tracks that are laid for these trains to carry food to the respective customer.

What are your thoughts about this method of serving? Do you want to experience this delight? Please tell us in the comment box below, and be sure to visit this unique and quirky restaurant in Surat.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Trainian Express Restaurant/Instagram