Zomato Delivery Man Rides Through Flooded Bengaluru Streets To Deliver Food Amid Pouring Rain

by Dikshita
Zomato Delivery Man Rides Through Flooded Bengaluru Streets To Deliver Food Amid Pouring Rain

A video went viral on the Internet of a Zomato delivery boy delivering food in knee-deep water. The Zomato delivery boy was delivering the food by wading through water and walking in the flooded street with a smile on his face.
Meanwhile, the delivery boy was trying to contact the customer to track the drop location precisely.

Heavy rains have clogged most parts of Bengaluru and this viral video amidst the alarming situation has won the respect of Netizens.

The Viral Video Of The Zomato Delivery Superhero

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The video posted on Twitter called the delivery boy ‘a real superhero’. The caption added that its hats off to their dedication as they are delivering food in heavy floods and rains.

The 17-second clip, posted on October 20, 2022, has recorded over a thousand views. There were many tweets appreciating the relentless efforts of the delivery boys. But one tweet also pointed out the dangers of working in such extreme weather conditions.

The user also tagged the Founder and CEO of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal and Zomato’s official Twitter account too.
The official Zomato account commented on the video with a GIF and wrote that they are their real heroes.

Another Viral Video Of A Real Hero

This is not the first video to grab the attention of the Netizens. A video went viral in August where a Zomato delivery boy was carrying his baby on his chest. He had fastened his baby to his chest in a harness-shaped jacket. The older child of the delivery boy was also seen in the background. A blogger, Saurabh Panjwani, had posted the video on Instagram and gained over a million views.
The enormous views made the video reach Zomato and they replied asking for his contact details to help with childcare benefits. The comments section of the video was also flooded with hearty messages.

The challenges that delivery boys face and the hardships of their life are rarely recognised. They are a hugely essential part of our lives on which a large section is dependent for daily functionalities.

Cover image courtesy: Twitter/ Vinisha Panjikar