Delhi Metro Allows You To Carry Alcohol! Check Out The Revised Guidelines

delhi metro alcohol
by Shreya Rathod

We are aware of the rules for carrying alcohol on flights. But can we carry alcohol inside the Delhi Metro? Since it is a transit system for Delhi folks, it is important to state the rules and regulations for carrying alcohol inside the metro. Recently, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has given a statement on this.

Delhiites Are Allowed To Carry Alcohol Inside The Delhi Metro

delhi metro alcohol

Credits: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation / Twitter

On Friday, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) released a statement announcing that passengers could now bring two sealed bottles of alcohol onto the Delhi Metro. Drinking was still not permitted inside the metro, though.

In a statement, the DMRC stated on the Delhi Metro, two sealed bottles of alcohol are permitted per passenger, much like on the Airport Express Line. They further revealed that a committee made up of CISF and DMRC representatives has examined the earlier directive. Alcohol was prohibited in the Delhi Metro, with the exception of the Airport Express Line, per a previous rule.

They also pointed out that drinking alcohol inside the metro is still banned.

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Authorities Warn People To Maintain The Decorum

delhi metro alcohol

Credits: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation / Twitter

The authorities have requested metro passengers to maintain proper decorum while travelling and issued a warning to do so. If a passenger is discovered acting inappropriately while under the influence of alcohol, the appropriate legal steps must be followed.

Sharp instruments of any type, explosive substances, tools, combustible things, incapacitating chemicals, other hazardous items, guns and firearms, and other offensive items are among the prohibited items in the Delhi Metro.

In recent times, the Delhi Metro was famed for being the place for bizarre stunts and incidents by passengers. From shooting weird dance videos to fighting between passengers, many incidents have taken place. Recently, a fight broke out between two men and took a violent turn.

Many individuals voiced their concerns about the absence of security and surveillance at various Delhi Metro stations after the brawl video spread on social media. The DMRC has urged commuters to act responsibly during their travel in light of this.

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They have highlighted that if other commuters observe any offensive behaviour, they should notify Metro’s hotline line at once.

Cover Image Courtesy: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation / Twitter