Delhi Metro And IRCTC Launch ‘One India-One Ticket’; What Is It, How To Use, & Other Details Inside

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi Metro And IRCTC Launch ‘One India-One Ticket’; What Is It, How To Use, & Other Details Inside

Through a strategic MoU, IRCTC—the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation—and DMRC—the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation—have teamed up to make traveling easier. The ‘One India-One Ticket’ initiative would provide travelers with a smooth booking experience while reserving their seats. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this project was signed by the two parties on August 14. Here’s all you need to know about this new initiative by the two bodies. 

Delhi Metro And IRCTC Launch ‘One India-One Ticket’

Delhi Metro and IRCTC launched ‘One India-One Ticket’ initiative. This collaboration aims to implement QR code-based ticketing for DMRC services via the IRCTC platform. 

Through this agreement, travelers can easily reserve DMRC QR code-based tickets. This will take place when they order online tickets through IRCTC for trains, flights, or buses. 

The plan aims to give commuters hassle-free travel, even though it is unclear when the concept will be implemented. As part of the One India-One Ticket project, travelers will receive an Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) that will display QR-based Delhi Metro tickets created on the IRCTC platform.

These DMRC tickets may be reserved in accordance with the Indian Railways’ advance reservation period. Passengers may now arrange their entire trip at once thanks to the integration of these services. 

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No More Lengthy Lines 

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With a platform price of ₹5, the Delhi Metro QR code-based ticket will be created and printed on the IRCTC’s ERS (Electronic Reservation Slip). The goal of this partnership is to expedite travel by removing the need for lengthy lines and saving time.

The ‘One India-One Ticket Initiative’ represents their dedication to streamlining the ticketing process and improving travel for customers in Delhi, said Smt. Seema Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of IRCTC. Their mission is to link various forms of transportation and offer passengers many advantages. 

According to Dr. Vikas Kumar, the CEO of DMRC, by collaborating with IRCTC, they will offer convenient transportation alternatives for DMRC customers. By eliminating the need for real tickets, this action will not only guarantee travelers a convenient journey but also relieve crowding at DMRC stations.  (As per Metro Rail News)

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