Delhi Metro’s Blue Line Came To A Brief Halt After A 64-Year-Old Passenger Walked On A Track

All about a daring commuter's trackside adventure.

by Mallika Khurana
Delhi Metro’s Blue Line Came To A Brief Halt After A 64-Year-Old Passenger Walked On A Track

In a momentary disruption that brought Delhi Metro’s Blue Line to a temporary standstill, a singular event unfolded. The incident, as reported by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) authorities, occurred at approximately 3:20 pm on a fateful Friday afternoon, casting a momentary shadow over the otherwise seamless operation of the metro service.  At the Tilak Nagar Metro Station, a man walked onto the tracks, triggering a brief disruption.

Man’s Walk On Track Causes 10-Minute Disruption In Delhi Metro

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Photo Credits: Canva

At Tilak Nagar Metro Station, a passenger, driven by motives yet to be fully unravelled, embarked on a walk on the tracks of the train. For about 10 minutes, the flow of trains faced an unexpected interruption, as per PTI reports via New18.  Authorities swiftly mobilised, focusing on resolving the impasse and restoring the seamless connectivity of the Delhi metro.

Identified as a 64-year-old former property dealer, his actions bore the weight of personal turmoil. Preliminary investigations suggest that discord with his wife might have led to his action.

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Metro Welcomes Police Personnel Armed For Action

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Meanwhile, a groundbreaking initiative is set to unfold within the Delhi Metro network. For the first time, armed Delhi Police personnel will be permitted to travel aboard metro trains during crisis scenarios. This strategic move aims to circumvent the pitfalls of traffic congestion, ensuring rapid deployment to critical sites.

Following fruitful deliberations between Delhi Police, DMRC, and CISF (Central Industrial Security Force), the proposal secured the green light. 

According to NDTV reports, a Delhi Police spokesperson outlined the operational framework, emphasising adherence to stringent protocols. Under the proposed standard operating procedure (SOP), designated personnel can embark on metro journeys sans tokens, provided requisite notifications are relayed to DMRC authorities.

Notably, this innovative approach underscores the importance of leveraging metro infrastructure as a pivotal resource during exigencies. With the metro network spanning vast swathes of Delhi, it offers unparalleled agility in navigating the urban landscape, especially amidst tumultuous events like riots. 

In light of past communal unrest in areas like Trilokpuri and North-East Delhi, the imperative for robust emergency response mechanisms looms larger than ever. Through collaborative endeavours between law enforcement and public transit authorities, Delhi endeavours to fortify its resilience against unforeseen challenges. It will certainly ensure the safety and security of its citizens remain paramount.

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