Delhi Milkman Caught Carrying Liquor Inside Milk Containers Because It’s ‘Essential’

by Kanika Sharma
Delhi Milkman Caught Carrying Liquor Inside Milk Containers Because It’s ‘Essential’

We agree that alcohol is considered as an essential item in certain parts of the world, but it isn’t India. However, that isn’t stopping Delhiites from finding various ways and means for its consumption. One such man, was recently caught in Delhi, who was trying to carry liquor bottles in milk containers.

How Did He Get Caught?

According to news reports, the accused had bought liquor for his cousin’s birthday party. He had somehow ‘managed’ to get it, as most of the shops are closed due to lockdown. Somewhere post midnight, one of the Police vehicle noticed a milkman making his way through one of the most high security areas in Delhi: the road near Rashtrapati Bhavan (the President’s House).

Picture Credit: TV9 Telegu

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This raised some suspicion for the cops. Even though delivery boys, especially those who are distributing milk and groceries, have been authorised to move around; a milkman doing rounds post midnight did not seem right.

What Happened Next?

The night patrolling unit tried to stop him, but he sped up his bike in order to escape them. Now, let’s be honest. Post midnight, at one of the most high security areas in Delhi, a milkman is trying to avoid the cops, it seems like something isn’t right.

Picture Credit: Getty

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The cops caught him and found out that the milk containers had seven bottles of liquor. As per reports, he had purchased the liquor bottles from Gurgaon, and had lost his way on his way back. It’s a matter of few more days (or so it seems). Let’s stay home and hold off all cravings. Staying home is far better than being behind bars! No pun intended.