Here’s How To Apply For A Travel Pass During Lockdown In Delhi And Gurgaon

by Suchismita Pal
Here’s How To Apply For A Travel Pass During Lockdown In Delhi And Gurgaon

The Central Government has declared nationwide lockdown till 14th April 2020. For this, people need to stay indoors to avoid the spread of the fatal COVID-19 virus. All transportation services, including railways, airlines and buses have been suspended during these days. Cops on duty are ensuring that people do not roam on the streets, unless necessary. Many people who have deviated from the underlined guidelines of lockdown have also been booked under provisions of law.

What Are E-Passes?

If someone needs to travel amid lockdown, the person can collect his travel e-pass from the govt. portal. All essential service providers can get these e-passes, but many still do not know how to apply for them. For those who are part of these services in Delhi or Gurgaon, he or she can collect the passes by visiting the following websites: ( for Delhi) and ( for Gurgaon).


Delhi Govt. Portal

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How To Apply

The Delhi-based website is providing passes not only for travel but also for food, ration, ₹5000 compensation for construction workers and pension amount. An individual can collect his e-pass from this website by submitting basic details like name, address, contact number, ID proof, type of service, etc.

Similar benefits are available on the Gurgaon website as well. The MPMS ( Movement Pass Management System) on the Gurgaon website comes with three rank-based primary options – Govt. officers, Govt. officials and citizen. After selecting the first option, one needs to fill in details like name, designation, department, mobile number, Aadhar number and vehicle registration number.

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Both the websites are providing travel passes to only those who are engaged in vital sectors like manufacturing, transport and shops. The purpose of the travel should be legitimate and justified.