Delhi: Monsoon Expected To Hit The City On July 3rd

by Angel Srivastava
Delhi: Monsoon Expected To Hit The City On July 3rd

For all you Delhiites, patiently waiting for it to rain and relieve the city from the scorching heat, we have some news that is going to make you want to dance your hearts out! Monsoon is most likely to hit the city on July 3rd, and we can’t wait to dance in the first showers! The monsoon was predicted to hit the city on July 1st, but all we can say is better late than never.

What Is It?

Earlier last month, Mumbai welcomed the Monsoons with open arms, and Delhiites couldn’t help but wonder when will the rain gods bless the national capital with some cold showers. And finally, the answer is here. Delhi is expected to witness the first showers on July 3rd and we cannot wait!

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Image Credits: Hindustan Times

According to a senior scientist in the Indian Meteorological Department, a low-pressure area is most likely to be created over the Bay of Bengal, which will cause the easterly winds to move towards North India, and help advance the monsoon. While in the beginning, the city will only witness light showers, it is better than no rains at all!

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Image Credits: Zee News

What’s More?

Since the past one month, Delhi has been experiencing acute heat waves. Last Friday, the national capital observed a temperature of 43 degree Celsius in certain parts of the city, which is 8-degrees more than the normal temperature.

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Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Let’s hope the rains relieve Delhiites of their plight and daily struggle with the scorching heat because we don’t know how much longer we can go on without any rain.