Delhi Street Foods We Are Missing In Lockdown

by Tonakshi Kalra
Delhi Street Foods We Are Missing In Lockdown

Delhi is known for its street food, not only in India but worldwide. We can never have enough of the scrumptious variety of street foods that Delhi’s markets have to offer. And during this lockdown, the thing that tops the ‘major missing’ list for every Delhiite, that is ‘Street Food‘. Some are missing sweet delicacies, while others are craving for spicy or ‘chatpata khana’. So here is the list of street foods that we are missing the most in this lockdown. Check this out!

15. Fruit Chaat

Image credits: Vege cravings

Fruit chaat is a must have street food in Delhi, especially in summers. Imagine all the masalas of Delhi street chaats and put them on plate of freshly cut juicy seasonal fruits. Refreshing much, right? It’s tasty, refreshing and of course healthy. Right now, we are craving for Barakhamba road’s Fruit Chaat.

14. Bread Pakora

Image credits: Youtube/Anyone can cook

Delhi runs on all kinds of street foods like tikkis, kachoris, samosas or better still the king of fried street food – Bread Pakoras that will never go out of trend, at least for us. A fulfilling paneer or aloo stuffed bread pakora along with green mint chutney is what a perfect evening snack looks like. It’s Bread Pakoras of Sarojini that we are missing the most right now.

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13. Moong Dal Pakore

Image credits: Amar Ujala

This bite sized snack is popularly called Ram Laddu in Delhi. Made of split green gram (dhuli moong dal) and green chilies, these pakoras are sold like hotcakes in the streets of Delhi. Moong Dal pakoras are served with chopped radish, coriander leaves, mint chutney and chaat masala topping. After lockdown, we will have Lajpat Nagar’s Ram Laddu, can’t wait!

12. Matar Kulcha

If we talk about having a satisfying breakfast, Matar Kulcha comes across as one of the best breakfast options in Delhi. It’s a tantalizing street food which can be found on any nook and corner in Delhi. While our favorite corner serving this amazing dish lies in Sector 14, Gurugram.

11. Chuski

Image credits: PrabhaSakshi

Let’s all just agree that summer isn’t awesome (in Delhi!), and one of the best ways to deal with it is having an icy treat dipped in fruity flavours and some chaat masala. For Delhiites, chuski can beat the packaged ice creams any day. One can have it in the scorching Delhi heat, or even at midnight. This colorful and chilled treat makes our day better. We bet nothing can beat the most famous and tasty Chuski of India Gate.

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10. Aloo Kachori

Image credits: Sinamon Tales

Aloo Kachori is a combination which is hit in Delhi’s street food scene. When it comes to serving hot and crunchy kachoris, there are so many places in Delhi that do justice to its taste. And if you are someone who depends on Old Delhi for your food, you can’t go wrong. We are also craving for Chandni Chowk’s unbeatable Aloo Kachori right now.

9. Samosa

Eating garma-garam samosa in rainy season is like a ritual for true blue Delhiites. Many families have it with a cup of hot tea during that time. Not only the regular samosa, you can find crazy variety of this dish at many shops in Delhi. Currently, we are missing Moti Nagar’s Samosas.

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8. Rolls

Image credits: Kanak’s Kitchen

In a dire need of a quick meal, the on-the-go dish rolls come to our rescue. Flaky thin parantha filled with veggies or meat chunks and an array of sauces and spices. This easy-to-carry dish is filling and super delicious. And our ultimate favorite ones are Satyaniketan Rolls.

7. Aloo Tikki & Aloo Chaat

Aloo chaat has always been the underrated street food of Delhi, if we look at some of its street food counterparts. But since last two years, it has started gaining worldwide popularity that it deserves. Aloo Chaat and Aloo Tikki are two dishes which satisfy your soul when you crave for something chatpata and spicy. The capital has a sheer number of chaat bhandars. And in this lockdown, we are unapologetically craving for Mayur Vihar’s Aloo Chaat.

6. Chole Bhature

North Indians, especially if you are from Delhi can have Chole Bhature at any time of the day. In Delhi and some North Indian states, it’s one the favorite street food. In better words, we can say that Chole Bhature is like a certified Sunday breakfast for Delhiites. This satiating punjabi dish is served with onions, green chutney and pickles. If you’re a punjabi, you can’t say no for a chilled lassi with it. Right now, we are missing Chole Bhature of Sector 15, Gurugram.

5. Bhalla Papdi

Image credits: Mithaas

Bhalla papdi is a street food that no Dilliwala can say ‘No’ to. And if you’re having gol-gappe at a stall in Delhi, you simply can’t miss a plate of bhalla papdi. It has number of ingredients like crushed papdis, loads of curd, whipped cream, lentil balls (bhallas), number of sweet and sour chutneys, different types of masalas topped with some pomegranate. This flavoursome street food makes for a lip-smacking snack. And our favorite one is Chandni Chowk’s famous Bhalle Papdi.

4. Gol-gappe

Image credits: Patrika

Gol-gappe is one of the best street foods that is known by different names in different Indian cities. The crunchy and tempting ball of flavours is an ultimate weakness of foodies. One judges a gol-gappa stall with the gol-gappa paani that it serves. Making that with a perfect balance of sweet and sour taste is an art. Therefore, after lockdown, we can’t wait to have Gol-gappe at Bengali Market.

3. Pav Bhaji

This Bombay-originated dish made its way into hearts of Delhiites in no time. So much so that today, Delhi has the best pav bhaji places in every place. We love our butter sizzling on bhaji in every season. It’s the perfect food for mid-shopping snacking, festive melas, or just a Monday afternoon. Currently, the Pav bhaji that we are craving for most is Model Town’s.

2. Bhelpuri

Image credits: Veg Recipes of India

This savoury snack is crunchy, tangy and oh-so delicious. Bhelpuri is one such street food that is found in every single market of Delhi. This light snack is a favorite for every chaat lover. It’s a perfect bite to grab when craving for a zesty street snack. And during this lockdown, we are missing GK Market’s Bhelpuri.

1. Momos

Momo is not a dish, but an emotion for Delhiites. Our love story with momos has gone from strength to strength, with multiple restaurants and street side vendors serving scrumptious varieties of it. From tandoori and fried ones to the classic steamed ones, you can find all sorts of momos on every second street of Delhi. It might have its roots in the north-eastern cuisine, yet Delhi has given it a unique twist of flavours that we fondly call it our own. And when you’re roaming around in South Delhi, there’s no way you should miss Momos at Amar Colony. We are drooling and we know you are, too!

So Delhi folks, that was our list of street foods that we are missing terribly in lockdown! Do tell us what are you missing the most?