Delhi Tourists Stranded Mid-Air On Himachal Cable Car Rescued After 6 Hours

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi Tourists Stranded Mid-Air On Himachal Cable Car Rescued After 6 Hours

A terrible mishap occurred in a Himachal cable car yesterday. There was a total of 11 tourists riding on the cable car and unfortunately, they got stranded in the mid-air for hours. This incident took place in Solan’s Parwanoo Timber Trail. The situation was terrible and the tourists inside the trolley were in utter shock and trauma. Some technical glitches led to this intense mishap and the ride stayed stuck in mid-air for a couple of hours. All the 11 tourists were riding in the car from the Timber Trail resort. They were traveling to the Timber Train Heights and Terrace Resort from Timber Trail resort. It usually takes almost 12-15 minutes to cover this ride of 2.8 km.

It Took About 6 Hours To Rescue The Tourists From The Stranded Cable Car

This incident happened in the morning on Monday and was reported to the authorities around 10:30 am to 11 am. Pranav Chauhan, the Parwanoo DSP informed PTI that the trolley was stranded close to a mountain peak at an altitude of almost 250 feet. The rescue operation was very nerve-wrenching and risky. The entire procedure was very agonising as it was a matter of so many lives and the situation at such a height in the mid-air was extremely dangerous too.

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A team from National Disaster Response Force arrived at the location soon and worked on rescuing the tourists. In fact, the local residents also helped the NDRF team in the process. They used another cable car to bring the tourists down to the ground safely. In fact, there was an air force helicopter on standby.

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The Police Registered An FIR

After the tourists came down safely, and the rescue operation was completed, the state police filed an FIR under Sections 336 and 283 of the Indian Penal Code. Anand Goyal is one of these 11 tourists and he gave a statement while lodging the FIR. The FIR was against the management of the Timber Trail Resorts operating the cable car as they neglected the glitches and safety of people’s lives. The DSP also added that, if needed, more sections will be comprised in the FIR.