Delta Flight With 96 Passengers Makes Emergency Landing In North Carolina As Nose Gear Breaks

by Shreya Ghosh
Delta Flight With 96 Passengers Makes Emergency Landing In North Carolina As Nose Gear Breaks

A Delta Air Lines flight made an emergency landing at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in North Carolina on Wednesday. It was Delta Airlines Boeing 717 and was carrying about 96 passengers, 2 pilots, and 3 attendants. The flight landed on an emergency basis at the North Carolina airport with a broken nose gear. This incident took place on 28 June 2023 at around 8:40 AM. Here are all the details about it.

The Nose Gear Of This Delta Flight Collapsed Following The Emergency Landing

Several pictures and videos of the unfortunate incident are making the rounds on social media. From portals to passengers, many Internet users are sharing clips and images of the flight in the air and the time when it was making an emergency landing at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Here are some pictures of the aircraft shared by Breaking Aviation News & Videos (@aviationbrk) after it landed in North Carolina.

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According to a report by Hindustan Times, the Delta 717 aircraft landed on the runway on the underside. The landing experience was quite turbulent for everyone on board as the nose gear landing was not extended completely, according to several reports online.

No One Onboard Suffered Any Injuries

Here’s a video after the landing shared by Twitter user Gary Gibbs (@GaryLaneGibbs). He mentioned in the caption that it was a safe landing even without the landing gear extended. He thanked God for protecting him on this journey and also appreciated the pilots and crew for how they handled the situation, showed a quick response, and ensured the safety of everyone on board.

The good news is that no one had to face any injuries during the emergency landing. After the safe landing at North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport, everyone was evacuated safely as well.

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Flyers shared videos on Twitter and other social media platforms showing how everyone onboard felt very scared and anxious during the process of emergency landing on the runway. Everyone was clinching their seats and sat in fear waiting and praying for a safe landing.

Have you ever travelled on a flight that made an emergency landing?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Breaking Aviation News & Videos (@aviationbrk)