Did You Know Jaipur Is One Of The Most Beautiful Instagrammable Spots In India?

by Vidisha Khaitan
Did You Know Jaipur Is One Of The Most Beautiful Instagrammable Spots In India?

Pink city paints pink sunsets in pristine places. Of course, it’s going to take your breath away but that’s not all. It’s going to take your Insta fam’s breath away too. All you shutterbugs head straight to Jaipur for the best Insta grid ever. Do a photo haul at all its best locations for a dreamy day; and bring back the visual paradise to keep with you forever, for the world to see. The most beautiful Instagrammable spots in India are just a few hours away from Delhi. Winter is the perfect season to create your version of the pink paradise with just a click.

1. Pink sunsets at pink Hawa Mahal

Picture Credit: TOI

A total of 953 windows sure can keep a palace cool. They were used by women to peek outside the Lakshman Rekha. Today we peek in through them from amazing rooftop cafes across the road. The structure makes for a perfect picture against the morning sun as well as the night’s dark blue.

2. Watch the city turn bokeh from the walls of Amer Fort

Picture Credit: goibibo

The most Instagrammable spot is about 300 steps higher up the fort. You can actually sit at the edge of the world and look down upon the entire city. Get here for sunset and watch pink turn black with glimmering yellow dots everywhere.

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3. Soothing symmetry at Panna Meena Ka Kunḍ

Picture Credit: Jaipur Tourism

Much less crowd makes more Instagrammable. This Baoli/Baori/stepwell is truly an architectural sensation. The stairs are ways to secrets tightly knit in cracks and creases in honour of 16th century’s thirsty communities. Now they’re just peaceful respite from population surge.

4. Lose yourself in a million mirrors at Sheesh mahal

Picture Credit: Pinterest

King Man Singh’s palace is safely preserved inside Amer Fort. It’s most famous for legendary movie Mughal-e-Azam’s most legendary scene, the song Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. A thousand brilliant reflections look back at you in intricate detail at this palace wholly made of mirrors on the inside.

5. Float your fears away at Jal Mahal

Picture Credit: Daily Mail

What was originally built as a lodge for a Maharaja and his boys is now a palace in the age of plastic heels and Kardashian tastes. Four floors are underwater and the sandstone laced with lime mortar has held water back for 250 years. In past few years Sagar Lake has been restored to its original glory with life flourishing in the waters as proof.

6. Kneel to Hanuman ji at Monkey Temple

Picture Credit: Jaipur

A bubbling blue spring runs top down filling sacred kunds and water tanks from the temple. Caught between what looks like two brown hills, the yellow structure shares sharp contrast with green water making the ground of this place for a stunning Instagram look.

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7. Get royal pictures at Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan

Picture Credit: Twitter

This Instgrammable spot is a royal cremation area. Maharajas of Jaipur deemed it fit to rest in peace for eternity and we’re not arguing. Kings do have the most lavish demands, even in death. Every cenotaph represents one Maharaja; Chhatri of Sawai Jai Singh II is the most famous one.

8. Nahargarh Fort for Rang De Basanti feels

Picture Credit: tripsavvy

Sneak in for Khalbali late at night. No, don’t do that, and definitely don’t tell anyone where you got the idea. Let’s just say we had our own Masti Ki Pathshala on our trip to Jaipur. Sundown makes this place the most Instagrammable spot with Rang De Basanti flashbacks going on in our heads. Can you blame us? The coolest scenes were shot here!

9. Make your Mughal and Rajput fusion fantasy come true at City Palace

Picture Credit: holidify

Around 4 gates represents four seasons in 4 designs: Lotus for summer, Leheriya for Spring, Mor for autumn and Rose for winter. There’s not one but innumerable Instagrammble spots in the courtyards and gardens here. Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal inside City Palace combine Indian, European and Mughal grandiose for your Insta grid.

10. Dine amidst peacocks and mango trees at Bar Palladio

Picture Credit: kirstenalana

Instagrammable later, foodie first. The existence of this café is all our dining dreams coming true inside Narain Niwas Palace Hotel. We thank the Lord every night for planet Earth and Bar Palladio. It’s not ‘in’ Delhi but it’s close enough.

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Instagrammable spots are not only picture perfect but also crowd controlled. Visit these places at odd hours for the best pictures unless you have something else in mind. Use your unique ideas to make the best of places where one can never avoid the footfall. Make a trip to wonderland designed around these 10 beautiful locations for a holiday you’ll never forget. Most of the locations are overlapping so it’ll take you less than half of 10 days to cover it all if you plan it well. Propose the idea to that friend who’s always clicking you or just borrow our tripod!