Did You Know Peru Has The World’s Only Boiling River With Heated Water At Almost 93.3° C?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Did You Know Peru Has The World’s Only Boiling River With Heated Water At Almost 93.3° C?

You have heard about hot springs, right? To witness and feel the hot water continuously running down a tiny crack is a wonderful feeling. Though, have you heard about a boiling river? We stumbled upon this magical world’s only boiling river in Peru, and we could not keep calm about the wonder of this natural phenomenon.

Peru’s Magical Wonder Of The World’s Only Boiling River

Image Credits: X/@LibresCaminos

Shanay-Timpishka is a 6.4 km tributary river from the Amazon River. It is also known as La Bomba and is located in Augua Caliente, Peru. Shanay-Timpishka is one of a kind because it is the world’s ONLY boiling river which has warm water flowing through it.

The name itself means ‘boiled by the heat of the sun’. Seemingly, the people of Peru say that the water reaches temperatures from around 45°C to almost 93.3°C. Wow, that does seem like water being boiled from the heat of the sun. Though, here, the magical element is not the sun but its geothermal.

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The area around the river is surrounded by lush green forest and off-white stones, which becomes a contrasting scene to the slightly greenish boiling water and the hot water vapours it gives off.

More Interesting Facts About Shanay-Timpishka

Image Credits: X/@LibresCaminos

This sacred river is protected by the Shamans of Mayantuyacu. The place near the river is inhabited by the Asháninka community and they believe that this boiling water was birthed by Yacumama. It is a giant serpent spirit known as the ‘Mother of the Waters’ in Peru.

Whereas some local traditions signified that this sacred river has healing powers. So if you want to be healed by the magical boiling river then you have to seek permission from a Shaman, then you can visit the river and get a glimpse of this scenic beauty.

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Be careful though, apparently, the mud on the banks of the river gets hot from the continuous flow of hot water. You don’t want to get random burns when you embark on this journey.

Now, a tea enthusiast might just end up saying, they will make a cup of tea from the world’s only boiling river water. Don’t be like them, plan to visit this sacred river soon and keep it clean.

Cover Image Credits: X/@LibresCaminos