Did You Know Radhika Apte Didn’t Know English Till She Was 16?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Did You Know Radhika Apte Didn’t Know English Till She Was 16?

Trust Radhika Apte to bring a smile to your face with her candid nature, powerhouse performances and fun-loving vibes. The Vikram Vedha actress is the latest guest on the Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey. During the course of this fun interview, Radhika Apte ate cheese sandwiches and Pav Bhaji with Curly Tales Chief Editor Kamiya Jani and Mashable India’s Siddharth Aalambayan. Read on to know all about it.

Radhika Apte Didn’t Know English Until She Was 16

In an interview with Kamiya Jani and Siddharth Aalambayan, Radhika Apte revealed that she didn’t know English till she was 16 years old. The Marathi Mulgi said “Mera English bahut kharaab that” ( My English was very poor). The actress studied in a pure Marathi medium school.

She even learnt Mathematics in Marathi. Her parents consciously enrolled her in a Marathi-medium school as they believed children learnt the best when they are taught in their mother tongue.

Radhika Apte

So, Radhika Apte frankly said she didn’t know English at all until she went to college. For the first time, she learnt Economics in English at Pune’s Fergusson College. Radhika said that staying in London with her husband has improved her English.

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She Credits Staying In London For Improvement In English

Since Radhika didn’t study in an English-medium school, she admits to not knowing common idioms, phrases and metaphors. “My on, of, from, all these things are quite wrong sometimes. My English is not very good”, she quips. The Parched star has started taking a script-writing course in London. She admits that this course has also enhanced her English speaking and writing skills.

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Radhika Apte Is Multi-Lingual

Interestingly, did you know Radhika Apte is multi-lingual? The actress knows English, Marathi and Hindi. She also used to speak Bengali, Spanish and a little bit of Greek. Well, do you want to know more about this super-talented actress? Then, watch the latest Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey video below. Watch!

Radhika Apte’s candid take on the film industry’s obsession with beauty, her food memories, and stories about her life in London with her husband Benedict Taylor, will certainly enthral you. We hope you like this episode.

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