Did You Know Uttarakhand Has A Bhang Ki Chutney? A Vlogger Shared The Making Of It! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Did You Know Uttarakhand Has A Bhang Ki Chutney? A Vlogger Shared The Making Of It! 

When you think of bhang, what comes to your mind? The milk-based Holi drink is made with cannabis, which you’d love to gulp during Holi right? Well, Uttarakhand actually has a bhang ki chutney, and this is one recipe you’d like to get your hands on. So, check out this video below shared by a food vlogger that takes you into the world of bhang ki chutney.

Food Vlogger Shares Video Of Bhang Ki Chutney

Instagram food vlogger, Sameer Bawa, recently shared the making of “bhang ki chutney” on his Insta handle @spiceitupwithsam. In his reel, the food vlogger says he is in Barefoot Bungalow in Burashkhanda where this dish is a local speciality. He goes on to give a glimpse into how this dish is prepared.


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You can see an elderly employee, kneeling on the ground as she grinds the cannabis chutney on a stone. She adds garlic, green chillies, roasted, cumin and bhang which are grounded to a fine paste on a silbatta. Sameer Bawa, on tasting the bhang ki chutney, found it to be delicious. He says that this preparation has a lot of health benefits and it’s good for colder climates.

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In his caption, the food vlogger calls this ‘hemp seed chutney’ da bomb. He goes on to say it’s a local speciality in Uttarakhand, packed with a lot of benefits. And no, you won’t get high or intoxicated when you eat it. Also, according to Sameer Bawa, locals like to eat this with all their meals.

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Netizens Are Sceptical Yet Curious To Try It!

Netizens took to the comments section to share their thoughts about it. One person wondered why it was called bhang ki chutney when it doesn’t get you intoxicated. But they figured it was because of the presence of hemp seeds. There were some who were sceptical and wanted to know what this condiment tasted like.
Bhang Ki Chutney

Meanwhile, bhang ki chutney has some health benefits. The hemp seeds in it are known to improve heart health and reduce cholesterol. So, did this video make you curious to give this a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: @spiceitupwithsam/ Instagram