‘Digital Parties’ Through Video-Calling Are Now Filling The Social Void

by Gizel Menezes
‘Digital Parties’ Through Video-Calling Are Now Filling The Social Void

Who said you cannot party with friends during a lockdown? Well, desperate times require desperate measures. People around the world have seemed to have found a coping strategy for this complete lockdown that most of us are under. Known as digital partying – millions of people around the world are now partying with their friends, drinking together, playing games, all while following social distancing protocols.

Image Courtesy: New York Post

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Apps Like Zoom, Houseparty, Hangouts Are Helping People Come Together

It isn’t rocket science but yes apps with video-calling features like Houseparty, Zoom and Hangouts, are enabling people to catch up on their evening drinks, birthday parties, casual dinners or house parties – just virtually.

Apps like Zoom and Houseparty allow many users at a time to congregate spontaneously via video to carry out their usual social activities. Zoom has normally been used for work meetings, but users have taken over the app to throw digital parties and play drinking games.

Most of us have video-called a friend when we couldn’t be there with them in person on their birthday or gossiped the night away with a long-distance friend via video chats. So while this is definitely not something new, these apps are seeing a huge boom, due to current circumstances.

Image Courtesy: New York Post

What’s More?

The Houseparty app offers in-app games such as trivia or screen-sharing services that allow friends to go on dating apps or watch TV programmes together. The app also notifies users when their friends log into the app, and shows who is conversing with whom, just like a regular house party. While the Zoom app is used for these virtual socialising activities too, it has also seen a boom with people taking online fitness, cooking, and dance lessons; even throwing digital dance parties on their platform. Live streaming services by Instagram and Facebook have also seen a rise in such activities.

Social media is currently rife with images of people socializing via a video chat app, with groups of people laughing and sipping glasses of wine from behind their phone screens.

While digital parties come nowhere close to the ones we have when all of us are around, it definitely does lift up our mood, lessens the blues and keeps the morale high during these strange times. Till all comes back normal, let’s catch up over a drink on a video call, shall we?

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