Dilkush Paratha Swimming In A Pool Of Ghee Is Making Netizens Terrified; Recipe For A Heart Attack?

by Shreya Rathod
Dilkush Paratha Swimming In A Pool Of Ghee Is Making Netizens Terrified; Recipe For A Heart Attack?

We have grown up having hot parathas for our breakfast. The ghee-laden parathas stuffed with aloo or paneer filling served with dahi were simply a delight to have! Though it is a North Indian breakfast, you will notice the Keralan cuisine has something similar to it called the ‘Malabar Parotta’! But this viral paratha video will shock you. Now, while we love watching food reels and getting to know which new street food to try, this Dilkush Paratha swimming in ghee is not good for your heart!

Dilkush Paratha Swimming In A Ghee Pool!


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If you are a paratha lover, this food reel might change it! A food blogger, officialsahihai, posted a reel of the Dilkush Paratha on Instagram. The video starts with a vendor making a large paratha. And he is seen pouring an insane amount of ghee on the large paratha! Then he flips it and you can see the paratha practically swimming in a pool of ghee. After he’s done cooking the paratha, he drains the excess ghee in a bowl. The amount of ghee used is not ideal for your perfect heart health!

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Netizens Are Terrified About The Amount Of Ghee

dilkush paratha
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After watching the video, Netizens are terrified about their heart health. One of the users commented that after eating this, arteries would give up! Another one stated that it’s not ‘one paratha with ghee’ but ‘one-kilogram ghee with paratha’! According to a user, this paratha is famous for heart attacks. As for others, this is a good way to kill someone.

Ghee has a lot of saturated fats, therefore eating too much ghee could be bad for your heart. It may cause artery blockage. In fact, ghee should be avoided or consumed in moderation by those with fatty liver disorders. Clarified butter has a high-fat content that raises the risk of obesity and raises levels of harmful cholesterol. Also, if you are allergic to milk, then do avoid ghee!

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Comment below if you are a paratha lover and stunned at this food reel. Also, tell us if you are willing to try this paratha with an insane amount of ghee!

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