Dine, Shop & More: Here’s A List Of Things To Do At The Beach, JBR This Summer

The Beach
by Deeplata Garde

Enjoy a spectacular summer at The Beach, JBR, packed with mesmerising sunsets, exclusive deals, and delicious restaurants. The location invites visitors to delight in thrilling discounts and free food and beverage services while taking in the breathtaking sunset views. It’s time to dangle your feet in the sand and take advantage of all the perks that come with it. Here’s a list of things you should definitely try at the Beach, JBR.

Here Are 4 Categories To Categorize Things To Do At The Beach, JBR

1. Dine


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1. Akiba Dori

Sunday brunch at Pavilion has a combination of Italian and Japanese cuisine, with packages beginning at AED 150.

2. Claw BBQ

You’ve come to the correct location if you’re seeking mountains of delectable food, truckloads of traditional American hospitality, and plenty of joy and excitement.

3. Eataly at The Beach

In addition to a wide menu that includes antipasti, pasta, pizza, and more Italian fare, the Eataly at The Beach features an open bar that offers a unique selection of drinks that have been meticulously prepared by in-house mixologists.

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2. Shop


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1. Fashion

From Lacoste to sportswear brands like Adidas the Beach at JBR has a plethora of fashion brands where you can satisfy your shopaholic side.

2. Beauty

Makeup enthusiasts are going to be very happy when they hear about the beauty giants available at the Beach. Shop your cosmetics from Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works and more.

3. Groceries

All Day convenience store is here to help you with your grocery needs. A quick trip to this store can help you with things like gourmet treats, freshly baked goods and daily needs.

3. Recreation


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1. Beach Clubs

If your day is going a little Blah, then make it wonderful and joyous by visiting the Bla Bla beach club where the party is always on. Similarly, you can also plan on visiting Sea Breeze.”Sea breeze” You’ll never lack for entertainment or enthralment. Sun loungers, cabanas, daybeds, umbrellas, and towels are all available for you to rest on.

4. Entertainment


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1. Movies

Visit The Beach and let Roxy Cinemas transform the way you watch films. Purchase your tickets using the website or mobile app. Remember to look for any current deals and discounts!

2. Water Sports

With more than 20 watersports activities, Water Adventure Dubai is committed to the love of watersports. For its vibrant community, it seeks to create meaningful experiences in a welcoming, enjoyable, and safe atmosphere.

One of Dubai’s most intriguing developments, The Beach, JBR, serves both locals and tourists from around the world.

Make sure you visit this location during summer to take advantage of the discounts and offers.

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